7 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing in 2021

All B2B marketers are aware of the power Advanced LinkedIn strategies hold and why it is still the Number 1 networking site for all professionals.

The secret to cracking the right LinkedIn strategy will be revealed further in this blog so keep on reading to get maximum leads via your LinkedIn profile.

There’s so much more than just creating a business profile on LinkedIn, the content that you post, how you engage and network with the right people matters the most.

Your LinkedIn can turn into a lead-generating tool if you apply the Advanced LinkedIn strategies at the right time.

How Does Advanced LinkedIn Strategies Help in B2B Marketing?

As a marketer, you must have tried all the possible platforms to attract leads but eventually, nothing really worked. Every networking site and social media platform is great for B2B marketing but LinkedIn is the most trusted and effective one.

97% of the leads are extracted with the help of LinkedIn by businesses across the world and it is said to be one of the most effective lead generation sites for the B2B market.

One thing that you must know is, LinkedIn is your chance to attract quality leads and I’ll help you with the top Advanced LinkedIn strategies that can work well for your brand.

1. Create a Compelling Company page

Create a Compelling Company's Page

Leads are obviously not going to come and knock on your door, it’s you who will have to make the first move. The first thing that a prospect is going to see on your company page is the image, the description, etc.

Make sure the image you post on social media has high quality. It’s recommended to use a logo on a white or corporate background as a profile image. To create one, you can use online logo design makers, or design services, or create it yourself with graphic editors. Everything depends on your time and budget.

Nobody wants to read a piece of basic information about your company and everyone wants to see something unique, something that forces them to read your company page.

The first 2 sentences of your company description are the first thing that is going to be displaced so make sure it is appealing to your prospects.

Besides this, here’s what you can do:

  • Add a profile picture and background that earns all the brownie points (creates interest)
  • Create a Crystal-clear company description in an attractive way
  • Add a URL link to your website
  • Add clickable section in your recent updates

So, make it unique, make it readable, and most importantly make it compelling.

2. Create a Showcase Page

Showcase page is a new extension for your LinkedIn marketing that allows companies to promote brands that are extensions of a particular company.

It is specially designed to promote a new product offering, a new business unit, or an initiative by the company. This feature is very useful if you’re creating a new business unit that targets a specific audience.

You can create more than 20 showcase pages with your parent profile, all you have to do is go to your company page, click ‘Edit’, and ‘create a showcase page.

Showcase pages can help you:

  • It can help you get better analytics on your LinkedIn page
  • Can make your brand discoverable to the right audience
  • Posting jobs become easier with showcase pages

Showcase pages were custom made as LinkedIn lead extractors for B2B marketing and can turn out to be super useful if you use them in the right way.

3. Use the Advanced Search Feature

As I have said before, your leads won’t come to you but you’ll have to find them and pitch your services. Inbound leads are the best way to find your ideal customer but outbound leads are the way to reaching out to people that you want to work and collaborate with.

LinkedIn’s advanced search options allow you to target the right people that could be the perfect match for your offerings.

Even if you don’t have a LinkedIn membership, you have the opportunity to perform your advance search for your LinkedIn marketing campaign. It allows you to filter your search according to the location, company name, industry, and past company of your target.

 4. Use LinkedIn Email Finder

LinkedIn Email Finder

Reaching out to your prospects is incomplete without a cold email and a LinkedIn email finder makes it much easier to extract emails from your prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

Aeroleads is an email extractor that helps you find the email addresses of your target just by performing a simple LinkedIn search. The chrome extension makes it, even more, easier to add relevant leads to your prospect list.

With an email finder, you can extract emails of your ideal target by searching their name on LinkedIn or you can just make your search on the Aeroleads software by typing their full name or domain name.

5. Join Groups in Your Industry

Finding your prospect individually might take time but it’s all worth it but LinkedIn groups are something very underrated in B2B marketing.

There are over 2 lakhs LinkedIn groups and I’m sure you will find many groups in your niche and with your target audience. Find these groups, join them, engage with people in the group, and engage in group activities.

Search for the relevant groups by performing your regular search with the ‘group’ filter. Look for the groups that are active and are with wider audiences so you could find maximum leads from those groups.

6. Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn groups help you market your brand but creating a LinkedIn group will organically spread the word to the right audience. As you involve in other groups you will get an idea of how everything works on LinkedIn groups so take the step of creating your own LinkedIn group.

When you become the sole owner of a group, you get the authority of that group resulting in leadership and recognition in your industry.

  • Get started with LinkedIn groups by selecting the “see all” from the LinkedIn sidebar and then click on “create a new group.”
  • Fill in the required details and market the group, you will eventually attract the right people in your group for your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

7. Publish Quality Content

LinkedIn is all about coming up with a great content idea and publishing it as it provides an amazing platform to organically reach out to your customers.

If you’re serious about LinkedIn marketing or B2B marketing, you’ll have to leverage this platform to post quality content.

Love writing? Post articles. Have a Tonne of thoughts on your mind? Post it on the feed.

This is one of the best inbound strategies a B2B brand can use to spread the word about its brand. You can post content on your company page or you can also post content on your personal profile, leads are going to get attracted as long as you post original, unique, and quality content.

8. Use Statistics & Data in Your Posts

Creating quality content is of utmost importance but to make it more effective and readable, one should back it with relevant data and statistics.

Data from a reliable source will add more value to your posts because on LinkedIn, readers are always on the hunt for trustable posts that has real value to offer.

A blog that has statistics of some related studies adds so much weight to the content of the blog. Similarly, adding data to your LinkedIn posts and articles will add more value to the posts.

To attract quality leads from your LinkedIn, you need to produce high-quality content backed by some relevant data.

 9. Sponsor Your Best Posts

You must have seen sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook but did you know that LinkedIn had paid advertising for posts?

LinkedIn offers several options for you to sponsor the content that is best on your profile.

The 3 options offered by LinkedIn for Sponsored posts are:

  • The first option allows you to promote your post according to your budget and as long as you want to promote them.
  • The second option is where you can promote a post daily until the limit.
  • The third option allows you to set a budget according to clicks and impressions.

LinkedIn Ads can be expensive so only promote the posts that you’re 100% sure about.

10. Target High-value Audience

Although LinkedIn is one of the expensive pay-per-click platforms, it is expensive for a reason. It is one of the most effective platforms to run your ads because you know it is reaching the right audience.

The surety of your posts reaching your ideal prospects is higher with LinkedIn ads. So target your ideal prospects and let LinkedIn’s algorithm take care of the rest.

Wrapping Up!

Every B2B brand needs to have an online presence today, specifically a LinkedIn presence. It’s a great way for everyone trying to attract leads, be it inbound or outbound.

Upgrading and updating your LinkedIn strategy from time to time is the key to success for LinkedIn marketing. If certain strategies worked for you today that strategy might not work tomorrow. Here, experimenting is the key and keeping yourself updated with the new trends in your industry can lead to performing a successful LinkedIn lead generation process.

With advanced LinkedIn strategies (the ones mentioned above), you can successfully crack the LinkedIn algorithm while extracting maximum leads.

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