10 Free and Effective Email Newsletter Tips to Improve Conversion

Email newsletter tips play an exceptional role in focusing on the prospect’s psyche. Ultimately, this helps to convert them into loyal customers. Thus, with its functional features of aesthetic and informative, Email newsletter picks up the trust of the prospect that the product you are offering is the perfect decision for his business to develop.

What purposes does an email newsletter serve?

An email newsletter serves as a virtual link for businesses to educate prospects about your product or share profit updates and so on with the customers. Once the purpose is clear, create a succinct email newsletter remembering a definitive objective of accomplishing the most astounding engagement. Having a newsletter that adjusts to what the organization is attempting to accomplish is of utmost significance.

Purposes that an email newsletter serves:

  • Educating the prospect audience about your product using the information and subtle aesthetics.
  • Encouraging them to upgrade from free to a premium plan to enjoy more benefits.
  • Quality content that does not seem like advertisements to gain the trust of your prospect.
  • Product updates for grabbing attention to innovations done by the business.
  • Promotions and offers to increase online merchandise.
  • Company’s success story for building the goodwill.
  • Share profit updates for more transparency.
  • Client updates to talk about how your business has helped them achieve the numbers they are happy about.
  • Making your business’s presence more viral on other social media platforms.
  • Having a large number of email newsletter subscribers list which is like an army of virtual customers.

Top Email Newsletter Tips-

Tip 1. Focus on Email Newsletter Design:

email newsletter tipsEmail newsletter tips start with keeping the newsletter short and concise with easy access to links to help the prospect navigate around and understand the concept in depth. Further, add relevant images that connect the prospect with the content and make the flow of understanding super easy. But, creating an email newsletter gives limited options of drag and drop and adding extra columns and sidebars. The Brit + Co, a design-focused business inspires creative designs through personal, aesthetically appealing email newsletter for those who find the existing design monotonous.  Never at any point neglect to include an unsubscribe button to help your email newsletter get away from the spam folder.

Grab the trick: So, if you are thinking to customize your email newsletter, get the best designers at work who master in using Adobe Suite and Adobe Illustrator. Through this software, design creative elements and insert them in the email newsletter.

Tip 2.Insert a Timer Countdown in the email newsletter template:

email newsletter tips timeUse this trick when the purpose of the email newsletter is any temporary plan of the business like promotions and aggressive sales through discounts needing urgent action by the viewers. A countdown timer shows the number of days or hours left for the temporary sale to close. By including a countdown in the email newsletter, a time bar keeps ticking in the face of the potential customer. Finally, such trick plays urgency in the customer’s mind to steal the temporary chance.


Grab the trick: Insert a countdown timer using a third service called MotionMail which offers both free and paid services. As a result, the service helps to create unlimited countdowns with an end date to insert in the email newsletter template.

Tip 3. Forward the email newsletter to colleagues and friends:

email newsletter tips Create the content of the email newsletter with quality, factual data and an interesting tone to set the interest of the readers in the right direction. Everyone is surrounded by friends and coworkers with whom we like to share the interesting content that we come across. For creating a more engaging email newsletter, businesses should provide shareable links and forward buttons for the same. The newsletter template can have a call-to-action to remind the readers to share the content.


Grab the trick: Insert forwarding and sharing feature in the email newsletter template through merge tags like by merging Forward tag through Mailchimp. Hence, such tags will generate easily shareable newsletter links.

Tip 4. Innovative subject lines with archives option:

email newsletter tips subject lineTo accomplish that highly enthusiastic click rate encouraging the prospect to open the email is vital. Therefore, use an appealing and inventive subjective line that snatches the consideration of the prospect in the blink of an eye and open the email. Also, the email newsletter should include viewing the archives option. You can do this with the help of a third-party service called  Convince and Convert to include a section at the bottom of your newsletter for readers who want to read past blogs. It will help the new subscribers to easily read the content in the previous newsletters.

Grab the trick: Creative content writers who keep a track of the most influential content can generate the best subject lines. Reach email service provider to add archives option.

Tip 5. Pin it for later:

email newsletter tips It is difficult to read an email newsletter at the same time when the email is opened. This happens because of the tight schedule or lack of interest to read it immediately. To avoid this and have more readers on board, add a link to pin the newsletter for reading later. This increases the audience’s convenience and ensures that the content is read in a good state of mind. You can be inspired from a very successful by Kristie Hill where she puts a button ‘Save to Pinterest’ at the end of her blog for readers to read later.


Grab the trick: Pinning can be done by adding a link or a save button in the email newsletter. This link will direct the newsletter to Pinterest. Save the link from there using any of the boards or create a new one.

Tip 6. Include RSS Email Campaign:

email newsletter tips Your business should maintain the frequency of sending email newsletters. You can assure this by designing such an email newsletter template that sends an automated RSS campaign weekly or monthly. Such an email campaign can be done weekly so that the readers do not lose the track of past newsletters. One of the best results from this newsletter design is having more readers to convert into subscribers. You must choose the day of campaign wisely. For example, it should be done on weekends or an off day where readers are free to attract more traffic. With the RSS Campaign link in the email newsletter, the business can easily promote its past blog posts.

Grab the trick: You can set up RSS Email Campaign in your newsletter template by using Mailchimp service. The service provides an easy-to-follow step-wise process to design the campaign for your email newsletter.


Tip 7. Insert Customized Pop-ups:

email newsletter tips One of the best methods for designing a more engaging email newsletter template is through the use of pop-ups. You will be surprised to know that the subscriber’s conversion rate through pop-ups increased by 325% over a month on one of the newsletters by Lindsay Humes. However, you must be market smart to not to annoy the readers with frequent pop-ups that hinder their reading interest. Therefore, you need to reinvent the pop-ups so that they are timed. For this purpose, you can choose different timing to trigger conversion rate like on scroll, on exit, on landing, on click, or hover. Your pop-up in the email newsletter template should also be enabled to segment your viewers as per their location to manage traffic. It will help your business to know where and when the maximum conversion rate is coming from.


Grab the trick: In this regard, you use wise pops to insert customized and timed pop-ups in the email newsletter design template. It has ready-to-use templates which will fulfil all your pop-ups needs like text, image, video, call-to-action, sign up, like, and share. Such personalized pop-ups help to engage more readers and convert them. In addition to this, you can also integrate your wise pop-ups with Google Analytics for keeping a track of your email newsletter conversion rate.

Tip 8. Add value for your subscribers through automation:

email newswletter tips Email Newsletters should have the content that holds some value for every subscriber. Your business should opt for the most engaging newsletter design to create new relationships and maintain the existing ones. Concerning this, your email newsletter design should include an automation option to send the right information at the right time. You cannot leave any stone unturned by risking it to send later. Automation will help you send the content to the right people as and when expected. Using this feature while designing your email newsletter will give you a higher conversion rate. Because this effort will encourage personal engagement with the readers.

Grab the trick: You can use MailChimp Automation to add more value to your email newsletter. It will help to start a better relationship with a new convert. In addition to this, Your email newsletter design can engage with your subscribers on their special days like anniversary or birthdays. Thus, Automation is what you need to add to your email newsletter template.

Tip 9. Use opt-in Freebies:

email newsletter tips Giving freebies in your email newsletter design to your readers is a very effective way to have a high conversion rate. Opt-in freebies or giveaways build interest of the readers to engage more. In return, you have access to their emails to build future relationships with them. Therefore, you see how it helps in brand building through an email newsletter and have more readers on board. You must be confused about what to give away as freebies in your email newsletter that will encourage higher conversion. Here is a list of some ideas that you can use to insert opt-in freebies in your email newsletter template:

  • an E-book for download
  • Link to a related podcast video
  • A content-related workshop
  • Free invite to a webinar
  • Premium access to your blog
  • Limited free subscription for a reader’s service

Grab the trick: Do not fret about how to insert a freebie in your email newsletter template. You can do this by using a third-party service called Squarespace. It provides an easy and effective four-step process to reach more engagement in your email newsletter. Also, you can upload multiple freebie links without much worrying. Those links will take your readers to easily download and engage more on your email newsletter.

Tip 10. Use additional box features:

While designing your email newsletter, various soft wares provide plug-ins, slide-bars, box triggers and add-ons like these that help to engage more readers. Such options create a high conversion by better targeting readers with creative animations and ideas. Not only this, These add-ons can easily be inserted in your email newsletter template and are reader-friendly even in mobile versions. Therefore, the content has more functionality for readers that help to build better relationships.

Grab the trick: You can easily use Boxzilla’s free service to insert boxes and plug-ins in your email newsletter design. It helps to insert customized add-ons which can contain any type of content that your business wants subscribers to see. Furthermore, it results in getting more traffic and increasing the percentage of subscribers.
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