Top 15 CRM Tools you shouldn’t miss out on in 2022

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps a business in several ways to manage and interact with existing customers. It’s a smooth process of analysing past and present engagement or interaction with the customer. The techniques, strategies, and tools that are utilized in making the process smooth is the key benefit of CRM.

Retaining the existing customers is as important as finding new customers or clients and that’s like retaining your existing followers over Instagram. Sometimes it may be easier to search for a new customer or client but it’s a challenge to retain an existing customer. A startup needs CRM, well established business needs CRM, and a multinational company too needs CRM.


What is CRM Software/ Tools?

CRM software was developed to automate and ease the customer relationship management to increase profitability. It helps brands track and manage interaction with the customers and records the accurate information.

CRM tools or software ensures that every process in CRM retains and builds relationships with the client or customer. CRM tools aim at maintaining customer, client, and supplier relationships which can help you build loyalty and trust. The best thing of CRM is that any organisational unit can get benefited, be it Marketing, HR, or business development.

How CRM Tools/ Software is beneficial for my brand?

Builds relationship

CRM tools help you build relationships with your existing as well as new customer/client so all your existing customers stay with you for a longer duration.

Accuracy in tracking and recording data

It improves accuracy in tracking and recording all the information of the customers. All the data is accumulated at one place so the workflow gets better.

Automation saves a lot of time

The advancement and automation that CRM software serves helps the brand save a lot of time to utilize that time in the betterment of the product or services.

Customer loyalty towards your brand

When you build a relationship with your customer, they will stay loyal to your brand and will help your business grow in the long run.

Increases profitability of your brand

When the sales process is automated and analysed with time, it will increase the sales and profitability of your brand.

Top CRM Tools To Use in 2022

Picking up the best CRM tool for your business can be tricky with so many tools/software available that is meant to manage the customer relationship of your business. There’s no right or wrong with the CRM tools, every tool can help you manage your brand. But, choosing the one that is meant for your brand will fulfil all the needs of your brand.

We have made it easier for you to choose the CRM software that your brand needs by listing all the tools that are best from all others. These are the tools that you shouldn’t miss out on in the year 2022.

Microsoft dynamics 365

A CRM tool that is a very popular choice made by businesses to increase sales by streamlining the CRM process. The three major components that this software focuses on are dynamics for sales, marketing, and customer service.

It helps in centralizing the customer data to get a better understanding of their requirements. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also helps in marketing effectiveness through accurate social insights and business intelligence.
The best part about this tool is that it offers digital intelligence to each deal so your business can predict customer requirements and meet them timely.


Outfunnel connects your sales and marketing data, deeply and easily. Works with Pipedrive, Copper and HubSpot CRM.

By setting up seamless integrations between CRMs and marketing tools like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, you’re more than maximizing the usefulness of all your data. Further, you can highlight the warmest leads with Outfunnel’s Web tracking and Lead scoring functionalities.

Finally, you can use Outfunnel’s simple email campaign tool to send out automated email sequences and follow-ups based on data changes in the CRM. With a user-friendly interface, great customer service, driving your revenue up won’t be a problem.

HubSpot CRM

This is one of the most used CRM tools and is popular for its powerful mechanism and is also free to a large extent which attracts businesses to invest in it. HubSpot makes it easier for you to track and manage the data of your customer.

A software that is easy and fast to use with features that helps your business grow while increasing the profitability. HubSpot offers the best integration and management with other CRM tools for free of cost while the pricing of this CRM tool is less as compared to other tools.
The one quality that makes HubSpot unique from other tools is it offers several features for free with minimal pricing for other features so any small business or a startup can get access to it. CRM tool allows you to manage and store all the customer data effectively and you can customise all the data as per your business needs. You can manage the process of integration according to your preference.

It also allows you to insert all the leads through the use of integrated contact form. Leads are also captured automatically which were found online on other platforms.

The cost that this tool offers is average and the quality that makes it unique is the customisation feature that allows you to insert the data according to your business needs.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is one of the popular CRM tools that serves customer relationship and management to businesses from different industries. It offers an effective management tool for sales and marketing teams for smooth flow of communication.

The cost of Sugar CRM is quite affordable that every business can invest in and grab all the features that the tool offers.

The one quality that makes it unique is that it creates multiple customised dashboard that optimizes short-term and long-term goals of the business.

Flowlu CRM

A CRM tool that works amazing for every business specifically small business as it supports every process starting from finding leads to closing the deal.

It offers a feature like Email Integration, sales funnels and reports, sales automation, web forms for lead generation, and collaboration with teammates.

The unique quality that stands out about Flowlu CRM, it takes hold of all the sales activities that help small businesses in growing from scratch.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool that integrates into your Gmail inbox. It offers extensive functionality to organize and manage your customer data, visualize sales pipeline, monitor sales progress, and automate both sales and marketing processes.

The tool helps to automate the entire customer journey from lead capturing via custom web forms to lead nurturing via drip campaigns to notifications and automated creation of tasks at every stage of the sales process.

The unique feature that makes NetHunt CRM stand out is its native-like integration with LinkedIn that enhances lead generation using this business social network.


Salesmate is a CRM tool that nurtures and manages the customer relationship much faster while being accurate with all the data. It offers advanced features like sales automation and pipeline management which saves a lot of time.

The clients of Salesmate have considered it as a one-stop sales solution that helps all the organisational units to close the deals much faster.

The USP of the tool has to be the advanced features like sales automation, email tracking, and pipeline management that they offer makes every task easy and automated. offers personalised customer data collection that can help you insert all the data as per your preference. It also helps you close your deals much faster so your every visitor turns to a happy customer.

This CRM tool serves their customer with four different plans, first is the free plan, personal plan, business plan, and premium plan. They offer you multiple plans to choose so you get yourself the plan that is meant for your business.

The unique feature that CRM offers is fully automated pipeline management and business growth analytics to track the performance of your business.


EngageBay CRM tool helps you track your customers information in the sales pipeline that results in better relationships with your customers.

You can also collaborate with your team members through the in-built inbox feature that smoothens the management of each task.

The USP of this CRM tool is all the features can be enjoyed at minimum to no cost. This can be very helpful for new businesses to grow and close deals effectively.


A software built for all the small businesses and startups that wish to make a change with their business products or services. It helps your business collect data through social media platforms, contacts, and company databases.

It provides tools that support new businesses, from email support to contact information of your prospect. Since Salesflare is designed to serve the startups, the cost is decent as compared to other CRM tools.

The unique feature that this CRM tool offers is a seamless integration process with collaboration features to ease the management of tasks.


One of the most popular CRM software that offers their services to businesses from all over the world with better customer relationships that results in higher sales revenue.

It has tons of features that helps a business sustain relationships with their customers by supporting automated lead management, recovering contact history, and email marketing.

The USP of this CRM tool is that it offers a 360- degree view of the customers data and tools that manage forecasting and analysing.

Oracle CRM

One of the most trusted CRM tools in a modern world which is perfect for the year 2022. The features that this software offers will give you a complete overview of your customers data with integrated and extensible application that results in modern customer experience.

It helps in accurate tracking for sales and operations and looks for new opportunities in a modern world. It provides a quick installation that supports business intelligence applications.

The quality that makes it unique is the advancement in their offerings that helps a business grow in the modern world.

Zoho CRM Tool

Zoho is a CRM tool that is trusted by over 150,000 businesses across the world with 40 in-house business integrated apps that helps your business grow while maintaining customer relationships.

It supports over 28 languages from all over the globe with an advanced security system that secures all the customer data and provides 24-hour support for premium users.

The USP of Zoho CRM, it is much more than sales automation but is a platform that provides AI-driven sales assistance that predicts sales outcome.


Pipedrive CRM tool is one of the most powerful tools that is very effective for businesses that run with smaller teams. It is a sales management tool that visualizes the pipeline of sales and smoothens the process of communication.

It offers features such as email integration, tracking, contact history, goal setting, and reporting.

Pipedrive has changed the way other CRM tools work and has made a way for easy-to-use software that can be accessed by everyone.


Nimble is a next level automated CRM tool that updates the customer data by itself without any human interference.

The Features that this CRM tool offers are sales & marketing automation, contact management, and email tracking.

The USP of this software has to be the automated feature that creates and updates all the customer information.

Less Annoying CRM Tools

As the name of the software suggests, it is less annoying than any other software with its simple and user-friendly features designed for startups and small businesses.

The top features that this CRM tool offers is the customised dashboard, lead generation, and contact management.

You get access to less annoying CRM at decent prices with simple process for small companies makes it unique from other CRM tools.

Freshworks CRM Tool

An organisation that has a large sales team, Freshworks CRM is the choice that you can make. It helps businesses manage their customers while attracting new customers which makes it easy for large businesses to operate.

It offers features like lead generation, organizing teams, 360-degree customer view, and profile enrichment.

The USP of Freshworks is the built-in phone that allows every user to make a call or receive the calls.


The great thing about most of the tools we’ve listed is that they can be automated and integrated with the other apps your businesses uses, using the likes of Zapier and Integromat.

A healthy relation with your customers will directly impact the sales of your brand which will help your business grow. CRM tools have become very essential to maintain an amazing workflow of the organisation while building relationships.

Businesses that run on a smaller scale can invest in tools such as HubSpot or Nimble as they offer less expensive cost for their CRM tools.

Business that run on medium scale can go for, Sugar CRM, Nimble, and Zoho serves best features on a moderate cost.

Businesses that run on a larger scale can easily invest in Oracle, SAP, or Salesforce as they offer advanced level features with prices that can be affordable for your business.

Every tool that you choose for your business operation will help your business grow while building and maintaining relationships with the new as well as existing customers/clients.

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