8 Ways to Collect Your Prospects’ Email Addresses

When it comes to increasing sales and customer retention, nothing can beat email marketing. Rather, 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content

And, to earn long-lasting clients via email marketing, you should know how to collect the email address.

Why that’s important?

Because a verified email list is your biggest asset. If you don’t own an email list, how will you contact your prospects? How will you establish a personal connection with them? And, most importantly, how will you be able to freely explain the benefits of your products/service to your prospects?

Wondering how to build a prosperous email list?

Acquiring an email address is a challenging but interesting and exciting task. There are many proven methods to collect the email addresses of your potential prospects. 

Today we are going to see those methods that will help you collect email databases and keep growing your email numbers to achieve your email marketing goals. 

Collect Email Address Via Content Upgrade

Content Upgrade shouldn’t be confused with updating website content or blogs. It’s the concept of rewarding your visitors in exchange for their email address. 

For example, you can create an interesting content PDF on, ‘Top 10 e-Commerce Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Online Sales’ and offer a free download option to your subscribers in exchange for their email address. 

Since everybody is looking to grow their e-commerce business, they will willingly share their email address to know about your content. Thus, you can collect an email database via a content upgrade. 

The Backlinco website uses a similar technique to collect the email address. 

Host a Webinar or Podcast

Hosting a webinar or podcast on trending topics related to your domain is one of the best methods to collect the email address. It’s a give and takes technique where your subscribers get valuable knowledge through domain experts in exchange for email addresses.

When you host a webinar or podcast, you not only provide valuable information to your users but also keep them connected with your website for a longer time. Hosting a free webinar is thus a win-win opportunity for you that helps you collect email database.

Search Engine Journal, a popular online digital marketing magazine hosts webinars every month based on trending marketing topics. Their webinars are conducted by top marketing experts who share their real-life experiences along with providing valuable knowledge. 

Take Help from Email Lookup/Email Finder Tools

Email finder tools are one of the best options to collect email addresses. Email finder tools are online technically advanced tools with in-built algorithms that collect email addresses database of your prospects from their LinkedIn profiles. Some of the popular email finder tools are AeroLeads, Hunter, Voila Norbert, FindThatLead, etc. 

All you have to do is just head to any of these tools and enter your prospect’s name or website and hit “search”. Among all these tools, AeroLeads is one of the top-ranked email finder tools on the internet to collect emails for email marketing. It is popular among many marketers for its ability to find genuine emails from LinkedIn or Xing. AeroLeads assists you on:

  • how to find email addresses and business contacts from LinkedIn
  • Get 15 data points (full name, job title, location, working company details, business contact numbers, etc.)
  • Export data to Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Salesforce, etc. 

Another best thing about Aeroleads that it teaches you to find the email for an email marketing campaign and other contact information in real-time. This avoids the chances of email addresses getting irrelevant. 

Create amazing content, capture leads through this lead generation tool, and preserve them through rebound emails. Their services start from $49 per month. 

Implement Pop-Ups at the End of Your Content

When you visit a website, you see a pop-up window with attractive content asking you to subscribe to their newsletter. Email popups are the best way to collect email addresses. Initially, entry pop-ups worked well and websites gained many subscribers. But as time passed readers became more conscious about the website they are visiting and started subscribing only if they found it beneficial. 

They also now use reliable VPN services such as Surfshark VPN to ditch Ads. There are lot of VPNs that work with Netflix and many more streaming services are available online. You can checkout the NordVPN Review here.

If you want to gain more subscribers and collect email database, make sure your website pop-up is triggered when your reader reaches the bottom of your content. It’s equal to CTA where you indirectly offer them a reason to subscribe to your website. 

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are less expensive, deliver quick results, and most importantly you reach a huge audience. It’s the best method to collect email address and achieve good revenue. 

To collect email database of your target prospects, all you have to do is to create valuable content (white paper, research article, e-book, etc.) surrounding your customer’s pain points that solve their problems.

Now, create a Facebook ad that links to a landing page that asks your customers to provide their email addresses.

Once you received those emails send them their content thereby connecting them with your products/services. 

Display a Top Bar Representing a CTA

You can display a simple yet noticeable sticky bar at the top of your website that remains constant even during the reader is scrolling up and down. It constantly holds the attention and offers chances of boosting your subscriber count. You can thus collect the email address. 

For example, ProBlogger has implemented a sticky top bar where it offers free blogging tips in exchange for email addresses.

Offer Incentives via Lead Magnet

A lead magnet, aka an opt-in offer, is something useful (especially solving your users’ problems quickly and effectively) you provide to users in exchange for their email addresses. It’s one of the powerful and popular techniques to collect the email address of your prospects. A lead magnet can be presented through many ideas like:

  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Free Course
  • Templates
  • Free Trials
  • Spreadsheets
  • Analysis reports

and so on.

Host Contests

Hosting periodic contests can also help you collect email database. If you are a medium to large scale business, you can offer a cash prize or some items for those winning your contests. With this, your brand will not only gain new sign-ups but also popular as many people like to take part in challenging contests to win cash or their favourite items. 

Final Words

If you do a quick Google search, you will find numerous ways to collect email addresses. However, we have mentioned only a few yet powerful and effective methods that guarantee your rising subscriber count. The above methods are to demand less effort and time. Once you witness a good influx of email addresses, preserve them, and keep in constant touch with your prospects. 

Which methods are you using to collect the email database? Share your thoughts with us right now.

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