What is Clubhouse? 4 Creative Ways to Use Clubhouse for Marketing

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One Invite at a time!

If you use Instagram, you must have seen your favorite creator asking their followers to follow them on Clubhouse.

There’s already a buzz about the app Clubhouse all over the internet and it currently has 2 million weekly active users. It was only available for iOS but is now available for android users as well.

Clubhouse, the new social media sensation, started grabbing all the eyeballs across the world in March 2020 and has not looked back since then.

As clubhouse is growing with each coming day, marketers around the world are seeking ways to market their business on the clubhouse.

In this blog, you’ll get to know the ways you’ll require to market your brand in the clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is a social media app that was recently launched which you can only join with an invite. The app was initially targeted at high-profile celebrities and influencers but is now available to the general public.

The app came into existence when Covid-19 had just hit the world when people around the world couldn’t meet each other. The app lets its users create a virtual audio-only room where the discussions can be scheduled or it might also pop up unannounced.

The discussion in a clubhouse takes place between a certain number of users, where only one user might speak and others would listen.

The clubhouse discussion might sound like a podcast or a radio channel but it is much more fascinating than these.

Still, confused?

Let’s take an example.

Mrs. Patel runs a famous clubhouse club called, “What Women Want”

This club might attract all the women across the world, where the club focuses on inspiring, encouraging women, and spreading awareness of the things that women want.

So apparently, whatever your interest or industry is, you will find a club that best connects with your thoughts.

But, is it worth the hype?

Most of the clubhouse users are celebrities such as drake, Oprah, and Joe Rogan. In December 2020, the app just had 6,00,000 users across the world but today it has surpassed over 10 million users worldwide.

The hype of the clubhouse app has not fallen since the starting of the year 2021 but to know if it’s worth the hype, you’ll need to use it yourself.

How Does Clubhouse Work?

If you wish to join the clubhouse app, you’ll need an invite from an existing clubhouse member. Before May 2021, the clubhouse was more exclusive, as it was only available to iOS users. The app has now come up with its Android version too.

It is a place where you can join a room and start networking with people, where you can connect, get inspired, and get encouraged. You can enter and exit a room or a club as per your wish.

The clubhouse app is audio-only so you cannot message or chat with anyone and if you wish to speak or share your opinion, there is an option to raise your hand, the speaker will allow you to turn your mic on.

How to Use Clubhouse to Run an Effective Marketing Campaign?

If the hype for clubhouse continues to grow, we can expect a certain type of advertisement to be introduced by the app. But at present, there’s no form of an advertisement on the clubhouse that can help you market your expertise or brand.

But we have found a way to exhibit the marketing campaigns that can help you engage with your target audience. Every social media platform needs an effective strategy to engage and connect with your audience, the same goes with clubhouse.

Creating rooms of your own, where you share informational and educational content with your followers will help you showcase your brand’s offerings and your expertise. Your room will have people that have an interest in what you offer so it will be easy for you to share your offerings with them.

But the first and the most challenging part of your marketing campaign is to create an account and get an invite.

4 Creative Ways to Use Clubhouse for Marketing Your Brand

Let’s say you have created an account and have received an invite. Now, what’s the next step you should follow?

Optimize your Clubhouse Profile & Bio

Optimizing your clubhouse profile in the right way is an essential part of performing your marketing campaigns.

This is your chance to show your creativity to your audience by creating a bio that stands out from your competitors.

The bio of your clubhouse profile should define what you do and what you offer to your audience as a brand. Be as clear as possible with your bio because it will be the first thing to pop on your profile.

Things to include in your bio:

  • What is your expertise?
  • What do you offer?
  • How can you help your followers?
  • What industry your business is based in?

Make sure you include relevant keywords in your bio to help users find you easily. Your keywords should include words that apply to your brand, the vision of your brand, and your brand offerings.

Don’t forget to let people know what clubs you host and how to connect with you at the end of your bio. Don’t hesitate to add emojis to your profile and highlight important points.

It is worth spending some time to create the best bio for your clubhouse profile because it is the first impression of your clubhouse profile.

Pro Tip: Add maximum spaces in your bio and emphasize important points.

Find, Follow, and Network with People From your Industry

Find and network with relevant rooms and people from your industry as you’ll not want to connect with people out of your industry. Choose the people and rooms from your industry strategically to make your profile industry-related.

If you’re new, search in the member directory or the club directory for the people or clubs you wish to connect with.

Once you find the people, events and clubs from your industry, you will get access to the rooms and the people in your industry who are attending the event. Connect with them and network with them.

If you’re listening to a club, you can have a look at the list of people listening to that speaker. The room of the clubhouse is mainly divided into three categories.

  • The stage: The speaker in the room.
  • Front row: The front row includes people who already know the speaker.
  • Audience: The listeners listening to the speaker.

When you click on their profile, you will get access to the information about them and then it’s on you if you want to follow them or network with them.

Be active in the group and raise your hand when you have something interesting to speak about but don’t just speak for the sake of it. Add value to your listeners, and position yourself as an industry expert.

Host Your Industry-Related Rooms

You have built your connections and have been networking with people within your industry and now you should focus on hosting your rooms.

When you create a room on the clubhouse app, you will be the moderator of that room, and you will have the remote to invite someone on the stage, mute someone, and remove someone from your room.

Creating your own room will help you have control over what content you’ll be sharing with the audience. In the previous step, you attended relevant clubs of your leaders, where you heard them speaking about the topics in your industry.

Listen to them and apply their strategy in your rooms by adding your expertise and value in front of your audience. You’ll always want your room to be structured in a way that offers some kind of value to your audience to take away.

To host a successful and value-packed clubhouse room, you should:

  • Invite experts from your industry in your room and discuss an industry-related topic.
  • Ask for feedback on your business from the members present in the group.
  • Share your product and service offerings with them and ask for their opinion about them.
  • Host a Q&A session in your room.
  • Encourage the members to participate in the discussion to make the discussion two ways.

Always remember, the clubhouse is a platform where you network with people in your industry and share value. Always keep your audience engaged with your topic to make the room value-packed.

Also, remember to schedule the room well in advance so you and your followers promote the room on other social media channels as well.

Collaborate with Leaders or Influencers

Collaboration with the experts in your industry is a new way to reach out to a new audience. Experts don’t hesitate to collaborate with mid-level brands then why should you?

The best thing about clubhouse is how it lets you co-host a room with an expert in your niche. Partnering with experts or influencers in your field will help you grow your clubhouse followers and you will connect with people that are already in your industry.

Remember to plan your club before you host and list down the key points you both will be talking about. Conduct a chat with the person you will be collaborating with and have a brief discussion on the topic and points you will be discussing in the room.

This will help you get rid of confusion or overlapping of conversation during the room chat.

Final Thoughts!

It’s still an exclusive social media platform for many but we should look at it more like an opportunity and less like a challenge. It’s indeed an opportunity for all the marketers and business owners to outperform and serve their expertise on the clubhouse app.

The clubhouse app is already at a growing stage and we can expect a rise in its growth in the coming future and all the marketers should look at it as an opportunity to build an audience on a platform like a clubhouse.

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