5 Ways on How To Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement

Have you always wished to increase your LinkedIn engagement?

LinkedIn’s algorithm has always been the topic of discussion among LinkedIn users but increasing your LinkedIn engagement isn’t a difficult task as it seems.

LinkedIn, a platform that welcomes professionals from all fields and lends an unexpected opportunity.

But, to grab the unexpected opportunities, you need to have a LinkedIn profile that creates a positive impact on the recruiter and makes your profile rank at the top of the search bar of a recruiter.

For a business profile or a personal profile, the one way to get all the eyeballs on your profile is to go viral. But going viral on LinkedIn is not as easy as other social media platforms but nothing is impossible.

How To Go Viral on LinkedIn?

Going viral on LinkedIn is not a matter of luck every time. People who go viral on LinkedIn have been posting quality content throughout their LinkedIn journey and have been following a strategy to go viral someday.

Consistency is the key, and we are all aware of it but besides it, you should:

  • Plan your content before drafting
  • Select a trending and winning topic
  • Engage with your audience before posting
  • Comment on posts relevant to your interest
  • Network with people in your industry
  • Create a catchy headline
  • Create content that stands out

Going viral isn’t the only way to drive more engagement to your LinkedIn profile. There are ways that can help you drive engagement without feeling the need to go viral.

But a Viral post doesn’t hurt!

Let’s look out for some of the most effective ways that can help your drive engagement on your LinkedIn profile.

Create an Impactful First Impression

The first and foremost thing that appears when you post something on your profile is the heading and headline. Whether you comment, like or post, it is the first thing that appears on your profile.

Keep your headline worth peeking into your profile and try to be more precise with your headline. Your posts should reflect what you do and your headline should also reflect your work. Don’t confuse your audience with the vague headline and be specific.


  • Let’s say you’re a Digital Marketer and you post content relevant to that industry. Your profile headline should look like this:

Digital Marketer | I help you run successful Ad campaigns that target your potential customers.

  • If you’re an Instagram Coach and wish to create content relevant to that field, your headline should look like this:

Instagram Growth Coach | I help you drive organic traffic on your Instagram page

  • If you’re an employee in a well-known organization and wish to add the name of the organization in your headline then it should look like this:

Software Engineer at Microsoft | Machine learning enthusiast

Your headline should attract your potential clients or customers to visit your page and show that you’re an expert in your field.

Update your Profile and Cover Picture

Once you have created an impactful headline that attracts your audience, they will visit your profile and see your profile and cover picture.

It is very, very essential to have a profile picture because a profile without a picture is a big red flag to your customers or clients.

Have a profile picture where your face is visible perfectly to your viewers even before they visit your page, they see your profile picture.

If possible, try to edit your picture and have a background with light color and a picture of you smiling.
Now comes the cover of your profile. The cover of your profile should have all the services that you offer to your customers and a clear CTA.

Create Content that Stands Out

You have created your profile, edited your profile and cover picture, now what?

Now, is the time when you will be planning, creating, and posting content on your profile that is relevant to your industry.

The content that you post should be valuable, knowledgeable, and informational.

Experiment with the type of content you post and try all possible types of content but make sure you’re not lying to your audience and your content should be true because that’s how your profile will look trustworthy.

These are the common types of LinkedIn post ideas you can choose from:

Tell your story

People on LinkedIn like reading your own story, something that motivates them and something that lifts their mood in a way no other post can.

But what can your post in your story?

Something that you’re proud of or something that can inspire your readers.

In your story, you can also add the before and after a journey of your career. This type of post is more likely to go viral.

Share a Tweet

If you use Twitter and tweet regularly, you can post your most liked tweets as your LinkedIn post. This will also help you repurpose your content in different fields and also help you drive engagement.

Share Positive encouragement

Posts that encourage your audience to have better chances to do well on LinkedIn. Show empathy towards your audience and try to boost their morale with your post.

A positive encouragement post may include a message where you tell how motivated you were this morning or how productive your day turned out after waking up early.

Share carousels

If you’re a digital marketer then a carousel that helps your audience better understand your field would work great.

If you’re an expert in any field, you know the best about your industry, and taking the advantage of your knowledge, share your knowledge with your audience.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Post

Optimizing your LinkedIn post is simply formatting your posts in a better way by adding relevant images or videos to grab the attention of your audience.

Most of the posts on LinkedIn do not have images or videos but on LinkedIn, that’s totally fine but you should experiment more when you’re trying to increase your engagement.

Experimenting with your post directly means trying out different strategies to create your LinkedIn content and continuing to create content that has comparatively more reactions.

For a content creator on LinkedIn, you need to create content as per the demand of your audience. Creating content that your audience wishes to see on your profile will directly impact your engagement positively.

If you’re adding a URL link in your post then the preview image should be visible to your audience or you can also keep it entirely text-based by removing the preview image of the link.

Here’s the best way to format your LinkedIn post:

  • Create spacing after every sentence
  • Add images and videos
  • Add a link to your blog or podcast to promote it
  • Add bullet points or numberings
  • Add emojis to make it fun
  • Start with a compelling statement

Pro tip: Add bullets and emojis that are not a part of LinkedIn’s interface to grab the maximum attention of your users.

Include Call to Action

Without a CTA or a question at the end of a post, your post would look like a post without a purpose.
It is very, very essential to add a CTA at the end of your post to engage your followers with your posts and to increase your reach organically.

When you ask a direct question in your post, your followers will share their opinion on your post, enabling their network to see your post.

You can ask questions like:

  • What do you think about this post?
  • Do you agree with this statement?
  • What’s your take on this topic?
  • What’s your opinion?

This will help you create a topic of discussion among your audience allowing LinkedIn to recommend your post to people out of your network.

But, don’t just post and forget that you’ve posted something. Reply to each and every comment after a few hours. Don’t reply to a comment as soon as someone comments, wait for few hours, let people comment and then reply to them altogether.


If you’re starting new with LinkedIn and don’t know how to begin your journey, then the first thing you can do is ‘Network’. Send people in your field a connection request with a personalized note.

Network with them, observe them, observe their posts, have a talk with them, and apply all of it in your post.

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