Boost Your Search Performance with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Finding it difficult to look for prospects outside your network?

LinkedIn has always been a quick and most efficient way to perform your search.

Be it a job search, an employee search, or even a content idea for your next post on LinkedIn.

But, it’s not always a great idea to perform your search with a free LinkedIn account, as you may have some restrictions while performing your search.

To kickstart your LinkedIn search game effectively you may need a premium account that offers numerous beneficial features to reach out to your ideal clients and customers.

But how would a LinkedIn sales navigator help me perform my search?

This article will help you answer all your questions so you have a lot to take away from this post.

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn sales navigator is a go-to sales tool for all marketers and sales professionals as it helps them connect with the right prospects, clients, customers, and decision-makers.

It offers detailed information about the people that matter to your business (prospects or customers) and advanced search features.

It allows you to target the right buyers, understand key insights, and make your outreach campaign personalised.

In simple words, it automates the process of searching for the right people for your business while offering several features.
A premium account does help in several ways in performing your search but LinkedIn sales navigator has a lot more to offer.

How Can LinkedIn Sales Navigator Help Me?

LinkedIn sales navigator helps you close deals in a much faster and easier way with LinkedIn sales solutions.
You get:

  • 15% more pipeline to find new prospects and customers.
  • 17% higher win rate to save leads for future outreach.
  • 42% larger deal sizes while using sales navigator.

It helps you:

  • Target the right prospects, clients, customers, and decision-makers.
  • Save lists of target prospects and get notified for new matches.
  • Stay informed on your account with sales insights.
  • Start a personalized outreach campaign with detailed information on your prospects.

What are the Features Offered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator?


  • InMail Messages- Helps you start a personalized and meaningful conversation with your prospects even if you’re not connected with them.
  • Advanced Lead Search- This feature allows you to perform your search based on your business needs and sales preference.
  • Lead recommendations- Discover and save leads to stay up-to-date.
  • Job change notification- Get notification of the people who have changed jobs.
  • Custom lead and account lists- Create, organize, manage, and keep track of your leads.
  • Alerts and Insights- This feature helps you take the right actions at the right time with the help of real-time updates.
  • Boolean search- This feature helps you combine relevant keywords and operators such as AND, OR, and, NOT.

Who Should Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

You might have got an overview of LinkedIn sales navigator, but who exactly it’s for?

LinkedIn has designed their features that suit all type of businesses and working professionals which includes:

Sales Team

LinkedIn sales navigator is beneficial for the sales team in an organisation as it helps them find leads that meet their organisational goals. The tool also gives suggestions on how you prefer to perform your sales search and the account you’ll like to target.


If you’re working as an individual, it would be much easier to send cold messages to your prospects with their professional information.

B2B Sales

As said before, LinkedIn is a go-to platform for B2B professionals and this tool helps you build a potential list of prospects so you convert maximum prospects into customers.

How to Get Started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Getting started with LinkedIn sales navigator might seem tricky but it isn’t.

Firstly, you need to log into your account and head to your homepage and in the top right corner, you may see the WORK tab. The WORK tab will show you several options, select the one with sales solutions.

This will redirect you to the sales navigator tool. Enter your LinkedIn’s username and password.

Click on the start your free trial option to get started with the tool for free. They will ask you to select a plan for your tool. The option will include, sales navigator professional and sales navigator team.

Choose the option that will best work for your team and get started with the tool to start your outreach effectively.

The Pricing for LinkedIn sales navigator is structured on a monthly and a yearly basis. The monthly plan is priced at $79.99/month and the annual plan is priced at $779.88/ year.

How Does Aeroleads Finder Extension Help Boost Your Search Performance?

Aeroleads is the top-most choice of marketers and sales professionals as it helps them find emails of their target customers and clients from LinkedIn. It helps you automate the process of email search and phone search within no to minimum time.

Aeroleads is the best tool if you wish to automate your lead generation process and your search performance.

You cannot find a better companion of LinkedIn than Aeroleads because its chrome extension can help you perform your search in a better way while positively impacting your conversion rate.

Aeroleads helps in finding business emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn and automates the whole process of extracting essential emails with a few clicks. You can save the gathered data in a CSV file and export the data into CRM software as well.
This not only helps you boost your search performance but also helps you build a trustworthy relationship with your customers.

How to Use Aeroleads To Boost Your Search Performance?

Getting started with Aeroleads is easier than you think as you just need to head to the website of Aeroleads and start your search with a free account or you can sign up and get a paid plan that offers several features.

Signup for Aeroleads from here and enter your business email address, full name, company name and password.

Verify your account with the link sent to your email address and install the free Chrome plugin.

After successfully signing up and installing the chrome plugin, you will see the Aeroleads icon on the top right of your browser.

It helps you find emails while you’re on LinkedIn or other networking sites like CrunchBase, AngelList, and GitHub.

By clicking on the Aeroleads icon on the top right corner, you will see the list of emails from the networking site. Add the emails in your prospect list and outreach when you have gathered all the emails.

You have successfully collected all the business emails of the people you wish to network and connect with.


When LinkedIn sales navigator and Aeroleads chrome extension are together, you can boost your search performance effectively without spending too much of your time.

This is your chance to change your outreaching game with Aeroleads and sales navigator as you’d not want to miss a chance to run a successful email marketing campaign that brings revenue and positive results.

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