Top Free Sales Sheet Template? The Ultimate List of the Best Resources

Are you tired of using old school, slow software to create sales sheet? We too!

From the first glance, sales sheet looks easy. Only after you realize the difficulty to show all the benefits of your product on one single paper. Ideal sales sheet should create interest and call for action. It has to capture your customer’s attention and create brand awareness. It can be hard to create your own design and in the age of technological development, you should not be wasting your time on it. 

The challenge is to design a creative looking, informative and captivating piece of paper. Your task is to create a topical, in-demand sales sheet that will not end up in a trash. Luckily, there are many software companies that can solve your problem and do it fast. We collected them for you. But before let’s talk about how to choose a sales sheet template!

Sales sheets are usually used in the first step in the sales funnel to create awareness. In the awareness phase, a prospect becomes aware of the existing solution. Your goal is to reach as many prospects within your desired segment as possible. This step can become a beginning of a long customer relationship with your company if its done right.

Here are some tricks on editing your templates:

There is a golden line between overloading of text and infographics and not enough. Don’t forget that the sales sheet represent your company and your product. Try to stick to template’s format to keep the golden line.

  • Use only important, needed product features. It is better to avoid long texts.
  • Use simple words, short paragraphs and avoid unexplained abbreviations. Your reader will only skim at first, make sure to catch his attention.
  • Your customer will most likely remember infographics better than texts. So, add the product’s pictures from different angles and choose colorful designs.
  • Describe your product benefits in a clear manner.
  • Explain to your customer how to make an action, add your phone number, QRcode, social media.
  • Avoid misspelling. Nothing is more repelling than a bad grammar use.

When you make a whitepaper, take the time to make it look professional, neat and simple. A sales sheet is usually technical and informative, but the design is as important. When designed well, it can become a virtual tour of your product or services. Today creating the right design is not a nightmare anymore. Templates save you from this burden.

While using a template try to follow a format, and keep in mind your potential customer.

Think about your customer while deciding on a template, don’t choose the one you want. If your customer segment is elders, choose calmed colors, with big and readable fonts.

Choose a template that includes the following:

  • Your logo and product name
  • Features of your product
  • High-resolution product pictures from different angles
  • Benefits backed by data
  • QR code, links to your social media accounts
  • Graphs, tables, visual infographics
  • Contact information

There are many sources you can find sales sheet templates, some are better than another. Let’s take a closer look:

Microsoft Office Templates

Microsoft Office offers free templates which work with familiar MS Word software. Click on the link and choose the one you like. After downloading the right one, you can edit it in MS Word. Although you will not be able to drastically change the template, it is still a good free source for your company. You might find that the number of sales sheet templates are limited and not enough.


TDSmaker is the simplest software that provides a complex solution to your problem. Its strong templates library includes designs for all sectors from electrical engineering to software. And if you don’t find the right template, you can create it from scratch. You absolutely don’t need designer skills, the website has a comfortable UI interface. TDSmaker is not only for ready-made templates, it is an “ecosystem” for your data-sheets. You can get control over the sales sheet by assigning permissions to other co-workers. With TDSmaker you can even integrate the sales sheet to your website.

What else? TDSmaker can track the data for viewed or downloaded data-sheets and you can generate custom reports, and analyze most viewed data-sheets.

Click on the link and get a free two weeks trial. Sales sheets represent your company, but we also know how tedious is to create one.

Cloud-based software is a perfect solution. There is no need to download anything.

Registration is fast and there is a free two weeks trial.


Canva is one of a good free option. “Marketing materials” section has available free templates for flyers, brochures, and logos. The website is easy to use, has interesting and creative designed templates. After choosing a template, a user can change color, font size/style, insert own pictures. Canva doesn’t provide an option to create a template from scratch. You won’t be able to find professional looking, B2B types. But if your customers are young, energetic hipsters, then Canva is the best option out there. It is a great tool if you are looking for branding sales sheet, the ones used for creating brand awareness.


If you need a professional looking templates, then stocklayout is for you. It is important to understand that a single sales sheet can build trust in your company or can repel from you.

The website sells each template for 99$. They also offer a subscription for 10 templates for $199 and 50 templates for $349. Stocklayout have a bundle of templates with matching design. So that brochures, flyers, business cards and data-sheets all have one brand design.

After payment, you will be asked to sign up. Stocklayout gives you an option to download the template in different formats.


Xtensio is a company that created Folio: a web page, a digital slideshow, and a PDF/PNG all-in-one. A user can start from scratch or choose a wide variety of templates for strategy, operations, marketing. You can use a toolbar to stylize your content, add tables, images, videos, and links. Xtensio also gives an option to add users and collaborate on creating new templates. Control collaborator have access to view folio stats, duplicate or delete your folios.

At the moment they only have one template for a sales sheet. But they have a variety of other templates that businesses and especially start-ups need. Marketing SWOT analysis, Lean startup template, resumes and cv letter.



Sales sheet is a great tool to attract your customers and create awareness. It can be hard to create a design, that would actually make your customer make a buying decision.

Ready-made templates solve this problem:

  • Stocklayout is good for sharp sales sheet.
  • Canva and Microsoft are great for creative, free templates.
  • Xtensio is a good option for start-ups. It provides a wide variety of templates needed for your business.
  • TDSmaker is one of the best option, as it provides a wide variety of tools for creating your own designs, sharing it with co-workers, analyzing the data and creating reports.

Whatever website you choose, keep in mind that sales sheets have to be informative, illustrative and don’t forget to call for action!

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