7 Tips and Technique for Facebook Lead Generation

As per the 2017 State of Inbound Report, Facebook was given priority over LinkedIn by salespeople to reach more prospects. More than 74% of respondents use Facebook professionally to generate more leads. However, a high success rate is a result of the right mix of Facebook lead generation strategies that you must use. We have made lead generation easier for you by guiding you through some simple tips to attract prospects on Facebook. But first, you must know why finding leads on Facebook is the top preference of every big business in town.

Facebook used professionally for lead generation

6 Reason Why You Should Consider Facebook for Lead Generation

    1. It is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. You need a handful of investment for capturing a space in the customer’s black box.
    2. Offers a great level of creativity to design your business in the most attractive manner. You have full freedom to reach the leads in the manner that you want.
    3. You have a much higher probability of generating more leads. Because the call-to-action buttons with auto-filled forms take lesser time.
    4. It gives the business an edge for having a stronger brand awareness. Their news feed algorithm creates a buzzword and generates more leads.
    5. Generating leads on Facebook ensures a long term relationship with customers because of the engaging content through videos and chatbots.
    6. You can easily generate higher revenues for your business as Facebook lead generation is a B2C as well as a B2B commerce platform.

7 Tips to Generate Leads from Facebook

1. Create the right Ad

This is the key to finding potential prospects and leads for your business. Generating leads through facebook ads removes many of the barriers like the limited reach, targeting and data analyses. You can use ads for more page likes, website clicks, and conversions, and attracting higher traffic. This will drive leads from Facebook directly to you. Facebook has a very well developed analytical system for promoted posts and advertisements. You could start at a beginner level, but to realize its full potential you should hire a social marketing professional.

However, without defining a budget for advertising, this social network would be almost useless for your company. Consequently, you need to set a daily budget which bears the minimum cost. Further, you should also set the duration of the facebook ads campaign. Later, when the ad works optimally you can decide other bidding and ad spend options.

set the right budget for facebook lead ads

How to do it?

Use Facebooks Ads Manager to create your ad or the campaign you wish to start for higher traffic. It is a tool that helps to manage facebook ads, track performance and get more lead conversions. You can follow a step-by-step guide to understand how to do it.

  • Go to Facebook Ads Manager and on create anew ad.
  • Select the objective for creating the ad or campaign like increase conversion on your website.
  • Next, you need to give your facebook ad campaign a name so that more prospects are drawn to it.
  • Now for the created ad, you must choose the custom conversion. It means you also need to decide the type of conversion you want for your business. For example- it can be getting more views on the website, or buying a product, or subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Lastly, Facebook also gives you the option of deciding the place of ad. Choose mobile and desktop feed both for attracting more leads.

facebook ad manager tool to get more leads

2. Use the right Facebook CTA

Every business attaches sign up or a contact form for its prospects to reach. This Facebook Marketing action helps in generating more leads and attracting higher traffic on the website. However, if the call-to-action button is not made visible then it becomes futile. In order to avoid doing this mistake, you can design your CTA through pop-ups for gaining the attention of prospects. Not only this, businesses keep trying to add new logos and icons to CTA action for gaining more visibility. Lead generation becomes easier by innovating the button from time to time.  Further, Facebook helps to keep a track of the performance of your CTA. This will ultimately direct your business towards generating more leads.

How to do it?

You must take care of some tips for creating the perfect call-to-action.

  • Write a benefit-driven CTA so that the customers yield some benefit when they click your action button.
  • Do not make your readers wait. Instead, ensure an instant gratification. Todays, you attract more leads with instant rewards.
  • Your call to action button should evoke curiosity among the readers so that whoever comes across the page cannot wait to click CTA button.
  • Create such CTA buttons that aggravate the problem and also give the solution to it.

3. Use Contest and freebies to fuel facebook lead generation

Offering something for the prospects when they visit your page always works positively. Adding links for prospects for ebook, newsletter sign up, coupon code, free tutorial, etc. helps in better lead generation. Further, high-quality leads get easily attracted to an engaging webinar. Webinars are types of online events created on a facebook page for catching the attention of more prospects.  Using such tricks helps to create a buzzword among existing users through alerts, pop-up notifications and reminders for inviting more leads. These tactics result in building interest among leads and get more prospects.

How to do it?

For ensuring the success of these freebies, you must deliver them through proper planning. Following tactics will give you a higher probability of lead generation.

  • Clarify the purpose of the contest like more engagement or more website clicks.
  • Set the right timing for launching a contest to have a better insight into the prospect’s action tendencies.
  • You can use the tool Agorapulse’s Timeline Contest Manager or Facebook Page Barometer which helps the business to launch an unlimited number of contests. You can select the post that will promote your contest. The tool will help to select the winners that engage the drives more leads.

lead generation through facebook contest

4. Include Facebook Mobile Lead Ads

One of the fastest and customer friendly lead generation strategies are mobile tap ads. Facebook generates leads through an easy process on mobile ads by adding a simple subscription button. Tapping on it makes it easier for prospects to add information. This feature automatically saves the prospect’s information in the form of a CSV file. Further, business use facebooks mobile advertising so that leads to finding it convenient without going to a new tab or a new landing page. This lead generation strategy uses a native signup flow within Facebook which is guided by a privacy policy. A lot of new businesses today that are present on virtual social networks uses mobile lead ads for reaching a larger audience. Mobile taps help to register, subscribe and share with others. As a result, leads generated invites their friends and gets more prospects converted into loyal customers.

mobile tap for facebook lead generation

How to do it?

There are various tools which help to generate more leads through mobile facebook feed.

  • While creating the campaign on facebook ad manager, you can choose the place of feed as mobile feed.
  • There are various tools which provide a similar kind of service. You can use Power Editor, Ads Manager, Catalogue, Creative Hub.

5. Use Stand-out Content while posting 

Your Facebook posts reach out to only 10% of the people that have liked your page. This reflects the necessity of posting more engaging content that attracts more leads. It is very important to write often and post interesting content with fresh imagery to catch your prospects attention. According to Fast Company, you should post at least 2 times a day with interesting content that is business-driven and customer friendly. Nowadays photos, design images, and videos catch the attention of users the most. Using images in place of text attract more prospects and enhances user engagement by 2.3 times.

use quality content for facebook post

How to do it?

It becomes hectic to make the Facebook wall look interesting all the time. For it to have a share-worthy mixture of photos, videos, and posts you can use outsource services for the same.

  • Use the tool DrumUp that creates engaging stories and posts according to the leads. It generates more leads by adding stories according to the keywords provided.
  • Another tool is Canva which you can use for generating creative marketing content. The tool offers different templates for image and text. Further, it has a design course that offers tutorials for creating lead-generating content.
  • Focus on Facebook advertising policies while generating any content.

6. Use a Lead-Generating Landing Page

It is very important to have a lead-generation landing page for your business. Having such a page increases your leads and has a higher click rate for your business. Not only this, It helps to improve your SEO and adds more value. Make use of social share buttons. This will not only help in getting more prospects but will also result in increasing the traffic. A high traffic rate is necessary for attracting more leads ad prospects. Additionally, these buttons help in tagging and thus attracting a similar audience. You can take the help of third-party services for creating attractive and high-value landing page designs.

How to do it?

  • Use the service of Shortstack tool that comes with a free plan for beginners to start with an engaging landing page for generating more leads.
  • Another is WooBox tool which helps you to link for Pinterest and Twitter Tabs with Facebook. This way your leads can land on other pages and bring more traffic.

facebook marketing tool for lead generation

7. Create  a Squeeze page for more Facebook leads

For making your campaign and contest a buzzword, it will be good if you host your campaign on a webpage. Such a webpage is commonly called a squeeze page as it gives the reader to confirm their email address. Such a page yields faster traffic as it squeezes the options of the page visitor into either opt-in or leave. The simpler the page, the more are the chances of getting higher traffic. Squeeze pages work as a lead magnet with benefits of the page that leads are landing on along with a sign-up form.

add a squeeze page for lead generation

How to do it?

  • You can design a squeeze page for facebook lead generation using the software like Leadpages, Ontraport, Instapage, Clickfunnels and Thrive Themes plugin. These tools provide creative templates which are integrated with email marketing provider.
  • It is important while creating the page to add a privacy statement for ensuring the leads about the safety of their personal data.


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