10 Best Email List Cleaning and Verification Service Software

The marketing strategies from across the globe lead special focus on email marketing. This technique has gained immense success in the past time and promises greater success in the coming era. Email marketing also plays an important part in advertisements. It is one of the most cost-efficient ways to build personalized communication with the client. With such benefits from email marketing, it becomes necessary to adopt this technique with utmost potential. The first step in this path is to generate a list of email addresses of the appropriate contacts. Often these lists are degraded with spam and fraud email addresses. Hence there is a need for cleaning and authentication of this list.

For this specific task of maintaining a clean email list, the marketing industries are referring to third parties. This is where the role of email list cleaning & verification service software comes in to picture. Different companies use different tactics to maintain a healthy list with special emphasis on delivery rates.

If you want your business to climb the bars of success it becomes necessary for you to invest in email list cleaning and verification service. The following article comprises of 10 best email list cleaning & verification service in the market.

1. AeroLeads Email Verification (Free)

The list of best email list cleaning and verification service software would never be complete without AeroLeads. It is, without a doubt, one of the best email verifications software tools present on the internet. With prominent clients such as IBM, it is quick, concise, and reliable. You just have to enter the email address you are looking to verify, click on the “verify” option and you will immediately have your answer whether the email address is valid or not.

2. ZeroBounce 

ZeroBounce has emerged as a popular email verification software tool in this market because of its easy-to-use list cleaning service. You can also avail their trial package that offers 100 free email validation credits. It provides a substantially high delivery rate and provides other features to improve email delivery success rates. It has a fully automated interface with email syntax checker.


3. NeverBounce

Neverbounce is top rated software for email list cleaning & verification serviceability. The software is very supportive in achieving a neat and clean email list. Whether it is spam emails, undelivered emails or the invalid addresses it can detect any type of unwanted file and capable of removing such files. Apart from list cleaning this software also helps in lead generation and hence helps in generating more revenue. Irrespective of your list size, this software ensures a delivery rate of more than 97%

Neverbounce - email cleaning and verification service

4. Listwise

Some of the essential features of this email list cleaning & verification service software are that it verifies every email address in your list, automatically corrects the typing errors, removes duplicates from your list, and prevents your emails from getting blacklisted. Another major advantage is the setup process which takes less than 2 minutes. It can also predict whether or not an email address on your list is going to bounce. Initially, it gives 100 email address for free and the latter is charged in accordance with a regular pack.

Listwie - email cleaning and verification service

 5. HuBuco

HuBuCo is yet another email list cleaning & verification service, very effective in dealing with bulk addresses. The company promises an email delivery rate of 99%. Hubuco offers 6 bulk credit packs and 22 different subscription plans. Apart from these regular packs it also offers a double money back guarantee, if your hard bounce rate is higher than 4% on OK mails they will refund the double amount of payment.


Hubuco - email cleaning and verification service

6. XVerify

Xverify has proved itself in the market as a trustful brand. It has a very detailed interface that allows you to analyze the results. You can also contact them through call or email. Xverify can verify all the major consumer email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail.it comes with additional features like name verification and IP blacklisting monitoring.

7. BriteVerify

BriteVerify allows you to verify email address probably in real time. There is an involvement of 150 countries behind its accuracy. It follows 3 simple steps to check the validity of an email address. Most of all, it determines whether the syntax of the address is correct .it then verifies the validity of the email domain and at last, it connects automatically to the email server. In this manner, it authenticates the email address without even sending a mail.

Briteverify - email cleaning and verification service

8. DataValidation

DataValidation provides you with the facility of self-service.the manufacturer promises a 24/5 support through live chat and email. It is an easy-to-use application with no hidden charges or contracts and offers a free preview of your results for every list before making any purchase. Along with that, it has the most comprehensive checks on the market and most competitive prices. It helps you to prevent bounces. Not only that, it saves the blocking from sending by your internet service provider.

DataValidation - email cleaning and verification service

9. Experian Data Quality

This firm has global connectivity through its centers in Australia, United States, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, UK, and Singapore.ir removes the invalid and fraud email addresses in real time and also returns the summary of the results within 24-48 hrs. Apart from email list cleaning & verification service, it provides facilities for address validation, email verification, and phone verification.

Experian Data Quality - email cleaning and verification service

10. Kickbox

Kickbox comes with a delivery rate of 95%.it separates the low-quality address from high-value contacts. It safeguards your reputation and doesn’t cost much to your pocket. Finally, it gives 100 free verifications and then charges for the latter. It improves deliverability and has a user-friendly interface. Therefore, this concludes the best email verification services.

Kickbox - email cleaning and verification service


This brings us to the end. Hope you had a great time knowing about the email verification and cleaning services. These tools are definitely the ones that will spice up your marketing strategies. Are you using any one of the software? Add your experience with the software in the comments.

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