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social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

It is the 21st Century, 2016 in particular! You have every single resource you need to create a business, reach your target audience, create a following, expand your business and market your business for free. All this is made possible through the internet and especially social media.

Social Media helps upcoming businesses, individuals and brands in establishing themselves and reaching out to a larger audience. This is done by enabling such users to launch profitable and effective social media campaigns.

Social Media Marketing is regarded as an art form. With the right tools and strategies, you can be a social media superstar and can leverage this to your greatest advantage.

Having covered the best Social Media Management Tools and Social Media Monitoring Tools, it is only right to provide you with the tips or strategies that are often adopted for campaign success.

1.Active Presence On All or Most Social Networks:

Everyone has a social network of your choice. But, as a brand, business or an individual, you should not just stick to one social network. You should use this to your advantage. By setting up your presence in different or all social networks, you thereby reach to a larger audience. You might be very well comfortable with Twitter while your next big sale connect is on Facebook. You need to promote and be active on all social media platforms. There will be certain platforms that perform better than others. But do not put all your eggs in one basket. Concentrate more on that specific platform but do not abandon the other networks.

social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

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2. Promote Content That Aligns With Your Brand:

Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest, the best way to showcase your brand is by curating content for what you know about. By promoting what you already know you’re building your expertise in that field. By doing so you are attracting followers who like that sort of information, and you’re positioning yourself as an expert in that knowledge. You might get tempted to promote posts that attract larger attention, but such posts will not be of any use to your brand. Everything that you do portray on social media should fit within the identity of the brand. You can check Appinstittue’s post on social media branding too

social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

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3. Tags:

This is one of the best, fastest organic way to grow your reach and following. Using tags help you reach a larger audience. Most importantly, it helps you reach an audience that is interested in that subject matter. Thereby this increases your post engagement. Most people often neglect using tags in their posts. You might have your say on a trending topic and if you do not use tags in your post it will not be heard by the majority of people. It is also a way for people to find you. By simply searching for tags of their interest, most people engage with other social media influencers. You gain a whole lot by using tags but lose a whole lot more by not using tags.

social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

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4.Consistency and Persistence:

Hard work pays off is the rule everywhere. And even when it comes to social media it stands true. Your posts, shares, messages should follow this rule. Create a theme for yourself and stick with yes. At first, you may have a trial and error approach. But the sooner you find your niche the better. You also have to stick to a consistent schedule. Chalk out a schedule of what you’re going to post and when you’re going to post. This may vary from business to business or person to person. Ideally, a few times a day or a week.

social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

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5.Quality and Quantity:

This is one field where quality and quantity both matter. You cannot push a hundred articles or posts that don’t mean much to your audience base. You may think that this would ensure you’re “trending” and will lead to more followers but you’re wrong. Just the number of posts published is not the way to increasing follower count or reach. It might also result in more unfollows. Likewise, you cannot just post one quality article a month. This way your followers may forget you and your post will not be on top of their timelines. This will reduce your reach and overall engagement. Both of these scenarios diminish your social media credibility. You have to find the right balance with your post and the optimum schedule. This way you will get more reach and more engagements.


This is where digital marketing trumps the traditional marketing. Analytics tells you how all your campaigns have been performing and if you need to continue or stop such campaigns. By this you will know what aspects of the campaign are working you can curate and tweak your campaigns in a successful manner. There are various social media monitoring tools available in the market. Use these tools to your advantage and be the master in social media promotion. Stay on top of such data and utilise it in by curating your posts and social media promotions. You will see growth in no time. This will also help you to know what content or posts best works for you. And, also helps you to know what content appeals more with your followers.

social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

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7. Visual Content Over Text Content:

It is human tendency to be drawn to a visual stimulus over plain text. Incorporate this into your social media campaigns. We at AeroLeads have witnessed this first-hand. Our posts across all the social media platforms have gained better reach and engagements with either an image, video or gif attached to the content. This is true even in the case of Twitter. If you’re promoting your event or blog post, do so with at least an image. This ensures that a larger portion of your followers will stop scrolling and see the post at the minimum. Simply posting links with texts will not be a very good and beneficial form content posting on social media. Even a staple logo of your brand or a stock image or a clipart image along with your post would help the post perform better.

social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

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8. Stick To A Schedule:

This is essentially one of the most important tips that any leading social media influencer will tell you. Have a schedule chalked out and stick to it. Do not miss a day of this schedule. While forming such a schedule you need to frame it keeping in mind your engagement, reach, followers and your time zone. Yes, time zone. That’s the beauty of social media as it has to power to harness the world’s eyes on you. As said earlier, do test this out in your trial period. See what works best for you and your followers. Once you’ve frames the best possible schedule, you need to adhere to it. Even if you miss one day of the schedule, it sets you back. Even if you do miss the time slot given for that day and manage to post it later or earlier, your content might not get the best audience for it.

social media marketing tips | AeroLeads Lead Geneation

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These are your social media marketing tips to boost your social media presence. Use these to establish your brand identity. We have ourselves tried these strategies across our social media channels and have witnessed a stable growth.

Also, do let us know on the strategies that you have implemented successfully into your campaigns.

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