5 Data Enrichment Tools for Lead Generation

Data enrichment is basically fixing up your forms and data. By lead enrichment, it means to fix the problems like outdated data, missing fields, incorrect submissions. Using online sources and offline data analytics practices, data enrichment tools can handle a lot. Lead generation is perhaps the groundwork upon which you can build company profits. With the number of tools and services available today, it is not rocket science. To collect customer data you need to have a proper method of doing so. More importantly, for customer data collection and potential lead generation, there are a couple of things one can follow:

  • Building and optimizing forms on the company website.
  • Make sure to connect the forms to the CRM database.
  • Proper and regular updating of prospect info and team updates.
  • Also, automation tools should correctly update CRM data.

Here is a list of tools that can help in data enrichment:

1. AeroLeads:


AeroLeads is the leading prospecting and Data enrichment tool in the market has also covered good ground in the lead enrichment sector. With the ability to send and fill in missing information fields in SalesForce, AeroLeads can help you in your lead enrichment requirements also. Because of the smart mapping feature included in it, it doesn’t overwrite your existing information and it stays safe. This way you can focus more on your lead enrichment rather than having to worry about copy-pasting and other database errors like overwriting.

2. Leadspace:

leadspace data enrichment

The tool uses records from across the internet and integrates your data with the changes. It also uses the power of predictive analytics in data science. This helps by highlighting those customers which are most likely to convert on the basis of previous actions and what the company requires from the customers.

Platforms like blogs, social media and even the actions on competitor websites are taken into account. Filling in records like phone numbers, email ID, addresses and so on is a capability in this tool. For segmentation of leads, the feature to company revenue and benchmarking data exists as well. It also offers lead scoring and data enriching features all in a single platform. Leadspace also connects to your marketing automation tool. The tool effectively eliminates the need to do manual data enrichment by taking care of the tasks itself.

3. LeadGenius:


This data enrichment tool works by filling in your data to make it more useful and cleaner. Based on the account names, or companies being targeted, it finds out and fills in incomplete data records. It can also connect to your outbound marketing platform. By contacting the right leads and making real-time changes, LeadGenius claims to make the outbound marketing better and cheaper than the inbound marketing.

4. Openprise:

openrise data enrichment tool

Openprise fills in incomplete data using online records and by using customer data. By using private and government sources, Openprise fills up your customer data and fill up the missing values or incorrect entries. It can also help one find and generate new leads for specific accounts. Use Openprise to even connect to your third-party apps.

To find the most relevant and appropriate information available, you can even define rules to guide it. Getting data from the apps in your account or computer, or establishing your own database can all be done here. Define rules to get the data sorted and even generated and cleaned for future purposes. Such features can help the various teams for better cooperation in regards to the data that is being used. By aligning data across teams like sales, marketing, and so on this is a great lead enrichment tool. Additionally, it can also help in channelizing the lead pipeline by targeting the right people.

5. InsideView:

inside view tool

InsideView is a power-packed platform with several features apart from lead enrichment tools. It can sort and refine data and meet the needs of the various teams across the company. InsideView has these features ‘inside’ it:

  1. Data Cleanse: It can help eliminate outdated and repetitive data in your forms and records. After cleansing and updating your data it can even push the updated lists to your database in marketing and sales. By searching and refining data, it even updates missing fields for newer prospects and keeps the data updated.
  2. Lead Enrichment: If you use shorter forms for lead enrichment, it will give better conversion rates. The lead enrichment feature automatically sorts and fills in data that you might not fill. As lead generation progresses, this feature also keeps on updating leads and data. This is a useful feature to have to get instant data to act upon.
  3. Customer Data Validation: This feature ensures the accuracy of the data by leaving out inaccurate from online profiles. By also reducing the redundancy in your forms, it improves data quality.

InsideView is a great all-in-one source for all lead enrichment activities. It acts as your single source of all lead enrichment needs. Additionally, all the teams at the company can make use of this amazing lead enrichment tool for increasing engagement. Utilizing it can, therefore, decrease the steps required in generating leads for the buyer.

6. Oktopost:


Oktopost is a bit of a different beast. Social media is quickly becoming one of the main platforms where B2B sales happen. In fact, social sellers are 51% more likely to achieve their sales quotas. The next solution on our list enriches lead data with social data, which provides a better understanding of how social selling is impacting deal flow. Oktopost is a B2B social media management platform that, unlike other social media management platforms, tracks social media activities for leads, opportunities, and customers and enriches lead info to gain better visibility into the impact social media has on their pipeline.

Final Words:

Data enrichment tools can definitely enhance your sales and business. It also helps in increasing your lead quality and maintain your lead database. With increased lead quality comes high revenues for the company. There are a lot of tools out there for lead generation as well as lead enrichment and we have mentioned the best four here.

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