4 L’s for a successful Lead Generation Strategy

It is important for a Company to have better leads, so as to reach the target quicker. However, Lead Generation has always been a tedious task for the company. If you are wondering how does this Lead Generation work, here’s a quick wrap-up on Lead Generation strategy. The term Lead Generation is the consumer interest in the products or services of a business. People who show their interest to purchase a product within a short time-frame is an effective Lead Generation.

Here the time elapsed is minimal and the business is secured successfully as well. Some of the Lead Generation tactics include Advertising, Holding Seminar and Trade Shows etc.

4 L’s of a successful Lead Generation Strategy

Here is the idea!

Due to the monopolization and globalization, we currently have thousands, if not millions of Companies that operate for generating effective leads.

This increases the competition among the Companies. Hence, there is a necessity to adopt newer and effective techniques to stay within the picture. For this, a new mechanism called 4 L’s of Lead Generation was devised.

Akin to the importance of 3 R’s for the betterment of the environment, 4 L’s have shown a steady increase in Lead Generation.4 L’s of a successful Lead Generation Strategy

4 L’s of a successful Lead Generation Strategy

The essential 4 Ls for strategically increasing lead generation include –

  1. Lead Capture
  2. Lead Magnets
  3. Landing Page Conversation Technique
  4. Lead Scoring

Once a company is generating a fair share of Leads, it is recorded and analyzed using the fourth and integral strategy termed Lead Scoring.

Lead Capture

Once an official website is created and luckily enough, the site is getting abundant views-there is no such affirmative for the viewers to reach the site back. Lead Capture is a strategy to retrieve some vital information about the viewer.

For that, it is necessary to get the Email addresses of the viewer so that Electronic Newsletters could be sent for increasing the interest of the viewer.

4 L’s of a successful Lead Generation Strategy

However, the viewers are scared to expose their mail id since they don’t want to get spam messages all the time. In order to overcome this, Social Media marketing expert Nicholas Kusmich devised a set of golden rules for getting the relevant information.

The set of rules include avoiding pop up ads and another unnecessary site trafficking.  For this, adopt a new tactic and it should easily retrieve the information.

Lead Magnets

A strategy developed by the companies to encourage the visitors to purchase the product, Lead Magnet is a phase where the visitors are transformed into buyers.

For this, businesses use Email Updates, Subscriptions and Social media follows to create a sense of interest among the viewers and consequently converting them to buyers.

4 L’s of a successful Lead Generation Strategy

Moreover, Free Trials, Hosting Webinars, White papers etc also abruptly increase the lead generation as well. Once an email id is retrieved from the buyer, it is the seller’s responsibility to educate them on the buyer’s business by listing the pros of the product.

For customers, the company can capture their interest by offering attractive discounts and gift packages.

Landing Page Conversation Technique

A Landing Page is a site where a viewer lands upon clicking the displayed Advertisement. It is important to create an ideal landing page which exposes the features of the product perfectly. The vast majority of companies opt for a reputed site to create an ideal landing page. Important points to keep in mind while creating a Landing Page are.

4 L’s of a successful Lead Generation Strategy
a) Writing an eye-catching headline and Bio. It is important for the headline to be crisp and must lie within 10-20 words

b) Explaining the benefits of the product by comparing the product with similar products of other providers.

c) Catchy Pictures to go along with the explanation is a must.

A landing page is capable of generating leads as well as educating the potential customers; thereby it contributes the most towards Lead Generation. This is how the landing page technique helps in maintaining the unique style.

Lead Scoring

The most important aspect of Lead Generation, Lead Scoring is an automation software that tracks the leads generated according to the level of engagement with the Inbound Marketing Content.

Without Lead Scoring, the Lead Generation process is incomplete since without a proper software one cannot track and predict the Lead Generation tactics in the future.

4 L’s of a successful Lead Generation Strategy

This mechanism generates points for each Lead Generation tactics adopted. For instance, if a buyer downloads an e-book the company score a definite point and the unsubscribing the newsletter deducts the point as well.

Overall it is an effective tool for analyzing the Leads.

This mechanism facilitates the company to understand the topmost and hottest product on their brochure.

Make the efficient use of Lead Capture, Lead Magnet, Landing Page Conversion Technique and Lead Scoring.

Wrapping up!

Here is a quick summary if for easy understanding. Lead Capture is a strategy that ideally captures the interest of the consumer and then this interest met into the necessity by following the Lead Magnet and Landing Page Conversion methodology.

Surveys have proved that the companies which adopted this strategical method improved their sales by a major difference. Thereby, maintaining a consistent record ever since. With the effective use of the aforementioned 4 L’s, any company could improve the lead. Furthermore keep a consistent track record as well. Once you have planned a product launch. You can sell the product easily. Further, the Lead Scoring Mechanism will check whether the company is maintaining a consistent trade or not. Henceforth it is important to follow the 4 L’s of Lead Generation tactics for Better Business.

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  1. Great article very helpful was worth the read!! Can you please a write a piece separately on Lead Magnets and Lead Capture.
    keep up the great work.

  2. Misto Pisto on November 29, 2018 at 11:07 am said:

    Great article very helpful was worth the read!! Can you please a write a piece separately on Lead Magnets and Lead Capture?
    keep up the great work

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