6 Chrome Extensions for Email Marketing Professionals

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Email marketing is a way to promote your products or services via email. It’s a top digital media tool that not only can attract and retain customers but also increase brand loyalty.

A marketer differs from an ordinary Internet user in that he/she uses it for work. The duties include product promotion, creation, and maintenance of advertising campaigns, analytics, and much more. For these purposes and tasks, it’s convenient to use plugins and extensions. Google Chrome has many free extensions that will help significantly simplify the life of email marketers. The main thing is to find the right ones – those that will be convenient and effective specifically for you.

Let’s look at some of the most efficient and popular Google Chrome extensions for email marketers. Read on!

Top 9 Chrome Extensions for Email Marketing

1. AeroLeads 

AeroLeads is a program for generating potential customers, developed with creativity and thoughtfulness to provide realistic techniques. AeroLeads helps in finding email addresses, phone numbers, and company data with the help of Chrome. The extension is considered the best software to find potential customers on the Internet. It also offers excellent support through chat, email, and phone.


  • Get 90% of confirmed letters;
  • Generates potential clients, simplifies sales and automates the process of finding data of potential customers;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Resellers can easily connect this application to CRM;
  • Extracts data for relevant target sales for social media websites (LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, Inbound.org и CrunchBase);
  • Provides phone numbers, email addresses, and social networking profiles for individuals and businesses from social networking sites;
  • Identifies the name, company, location, business, and website of potential customers.



Once you use aeroleads email finder, users can export it as a CSV file or transfer it to their CRM software. AeroLeads offers strategic integration with platforms including MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, and SalesForce.

2. SimilarWeb 

This google chrome extension helps you analyze your own and competitor’s websites. The extension determines the number of visitors and main promotion channels used by the site owner. 

With the help of this service, you can determine from which page the user went to the site, which sites are searched together with your resource and other important data about users. With SimilarWeb, an internet marketer can quickly increase the flow of audience to the site.

The paid version additionally provides a list of organic traffic search queries and context ad queries. It also shows all subdomains, landings, affiliate partners, and much more. In fact, with this extension, you can save money on advertising strategy development: just analyze the most successful competitors and apply their developments. 


  • Protects user’s personal info;
  • Receives data regardless of whether the statistics counters are open/closed or there are none at all;
  • Adequate error level, easy to calculate on your own project and try on competitors;
  • Six-month attendance schedule: an ideal period for analysis;
  • Provides data on traffic sources: see which channel a competitor uses as the main one.


  • Lack of or severely distorted data for young or small sites; 
  • No information about what is found/blocked.

3. NordPass

NordPass is a password manager from the NordSecurity family that’s known for developing one of the leading VPN services NordVPN. NordPass is a cybersecurity software that helps manage passwords and allows having long, unique, and strong passwords for each service. It has a Chrome extension that makes logging into services and securing them easy and comfortable.

It’s important for email marketing because it secures online data. Cybercriminals are frequently looking for weak and reused passwords. If they gain access to Gmail or other email services, they might get confidential business correspondence, resulting in severe damages.

Furthermore, NordPass has an autofill function, which will fill in the passwords without having to type them manually. This enhances browsing experience and even saves times, so if there’s a need to login into different services multiple times per day, this manager will be of great use.



  • Allows storing an unlimited number of unique, strong, and complex passwords;
  • Provides username and password generators;
  • Uses advanced encryption algorithms to secure the password vault;
  • The premium plan supports up to 6 devices simultaneously;
  • Cross-device compatibility;
  • Importing-exporting passwords are extremely easy;
  • Has a data-breach scanner;
  • Easy-to-use Application and interface;
  • Has a zero-knowledge architecture, which means only you (not even NordPass team themselves) have access to your password vault;
  • It is moderately priced.


  • The free version has minimal functionalities;

Relatively new password manager.

4. Popsters 

The best Google Chrome extension for SMM specialists. It shows statistics of any page on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Coub, Flickr, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Popsters provide full information about the activity on your page, shows how successful your group is, when it’s better to post, etc. It also gives you the information you need to quickly analyze your competitors. 

Data can be uploaded in XLSX, PDF, PNG, JPG, CSV, PPTX format. The application is paid (for each social network, you will need a separate account), but there is a free trial period.

Refer this article if you want convert to pdf.

Who should use Popsters:

  • SMM managers – search for the most popular content among Internet users and track audience feedback to your posts. Consequently, you are able to properly coordinate the content of your community.
  • Marketers and brand managers – monitoring of public interest in the analyzed brand, building reports, creating advertising campaigns using the statistics.
  • Bloggers and opinion leaders – revealing trend records and themes, interesting to users on social networks, which allows defining strategy of the further development of your own accounts.

Popsters can be useful to all who sell or offer services through communities in social media. You get the possibility to deeply study published content and create highly effective ads on third-party platforms.


  • Removes routine tasks;
  • Everything is in one place (search for creative and popular communities, exciting and trendy content, analyze user activity to a particular public where you plan to place your ads);
  • User-friendly interface – you can search for content by time period;
  • Analyze your content and competitors;
  • Compare profiles by activity;
  • Hashtag statistics, various hashtag outturns.


  • Weak analytics;
  • Performs better when used with other extensions for complete reposting;
  • Complex charts (at times).

5. SeoQuake

A mandatory toolbar for all those involved in marketing professionally. SeoQuake collects all the necessary data for analysis and audit in one place. It evaluates attendance, analyzes keyword density, performs a basic SEO audit with hints to improve each parameter. You can also enter the search query parameters yourself.


  • Instant access to all major indicators;
  • Detailed analysis of search output pages (SERP) and export of results to a CSV file format;
  • Provides an ability to manually set search query parameters;
  • Complete SEO audit of web pages, including compatibility with mobile devices;
  • Multiple standard parameters support (or create your own);
  • Complete reports on internal and external links;
  • Keyword density determination and customization of the stopword list;
  • URL and domain comparison;
  • Statistical data on social networks;
  • Helps determine web page/site ratings;
  • Helps determine how many and which sites link to a particular site, or page (competitors);
  • Finds out the age of the site (which is highly beneficial for search engines);
  • Quickly searches for links left on your site or page illegally, without your permission. 


  • This Google Chrome extension is suitable only for experienced SEO specialists and marketing specialists, as the interface and functionality are not adapted for beginners. 
  • An excessive number of requested parameters may lead to your ban.

However, you can adjust the list of indicators that you want to see on the site. There is an easier version of the extension (SeoQuake Lite) with slightly smaller but most important functions.

6. RiteBoost 

Create any social media publication with a single click on any platform. RiteBoost automatically chooses hashtags that match the topic and are in trend, adds emojis to the text, and shortens links. If you share a page, RiteBoost uploads images from that page or selects the right one for your own entry by clicking on a word or hashtag. Other users highlight the button with a link to the site and a call to action, e.g. “Download” or “Order”. The extension is easy to use, saves a lot of time on post design and hashtag checking.


  • Delivers Enhance in all social publishing products;
  • Finds the right hashtags and emojis in no time;
  • Enhance your social media post in one click;
  • Places ads on your links;
  • Automatic image from blog posts;
  • Creates image/GIF from templates.


  • Limited features unless you purchase the whole tool kit.

7. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM comes with a wide range of inbound marketing tools that you can experiment with. The list of possibilities is quite impressive, from recommendations that will help you improve your SEO performance to tools for constantly searching for potential customers. HubSpot CRM works with both Microsoft Office and Gmail with your custom domain. Thus, no matter what your business is, you can get a versatile environment to increase productivity.

Hubspot CRM makes it easy to see what’s going on in your sales channel. You can track whether customers are opening your emails and embed advanced packages in your service. This allows you to access things like artificial intelligence and advanced automation tools. 

We recommend HubSpot CRM for beginners and small businesses that are just beginning their journey into the customer relationship management market. There is a free version to start with and various training resources to help you get the most out of your new investment. The bonus add-ons will allow you to grow at your own pace when you’re ready.


  • Great free option for beginners;
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface;
  • Excellent e-marketing feature set;
  • Compatible with many leading tools such as G-Suite;
  • Easy to use for the whole team.


  • The free version will not be enough forever;
  • Setting parameters may be limited. Although the free version is very generous, you may eventually need to upgrade to one of the higher levels or access some additional packages to improve your results.

8. MozBar

The popular extension from MOZ allows for a comprehensive SEO-analysis of a website and its pages. You can conduct a quick analysis of pages of interest, including backlinks, the level of involvement in social networks, SEO technical indicators, and content. MozBar has great functionality even in the free version, with no limitations on time or number of checks.

This is a versatile extension for fast SEO auditing. It shows basic metrics and mandatory attributes of technical optimization (meta tags, headers, site load speed, etc.), and also helps to evaluate the authority of a domain or a particular page in a search engine.


  • Quickly searches for keywords on web pages;
  • Receive information by links already distributed by type (closed/open links, etc.);
  • Exports page analysis details to a CSV file;
  • Customizes search results by geo-parameters (country, region, city) and shows the output for particular regions.


  • The limited free version (will not independently offer you options for page optimization).

One of the most popular companies that uses advanced Chrome extensions is Develux. Develux shared a little inside information with us regarding the extension (email/phone finder), which is especially convenient for software development companies. And we have to say that conversion numbers were quite impressive. See it for yourself:

Open Rate – 74.37%;

Response – 48.12%;

Conversion – 12.22%.


To be successful in any industry, it’s not enough just to have knowledge and skills, you need a set of tools that can bring your work to perfection and facilitate it at the same time. The work of an Internet marketer is no exception. Specially designed Chrome extensions will help you focus on the main marketing goals, find the best marketing strategies, and grow your business.

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