Best Email Marketing Templates For 2024

If you are running an eCommerce business, you know the term ‘busy’ very well. Customer support, product management, dropshipping strategy, pricing strategy, they all need your hands to get things done. So, you just can’t have enough time to craft the best content possible when it comes to email marketing.

With Black Friday and Christmas coming right around the corner, I can only imagine loads of work. But, emails are still known as one of the best cost-effective marketing methods out there. That is why I’ve got your back with the best email marketing templates to generate traffic, leads, and sales through emails with just a bit of work.

By the end of the article, your email marketing game will reach a whole new level. Let’s get started.

Is email marketing still important for businesses?

Is email marketing still important for businesses?

If you didn’t know, email marketing is a strategy of using emails to nurture and convert your recipients into loyal customers.

Unlike other forms of marketing, such as social media or pay-per-click advertising, email marketing is well-suited to let companies drive communications for a long period of time. And no other method can let you nurture personal relationships on such a large scale.

The unique combination of email marketing’s characteristics can be shown through statistics like:

  • 44% of email marketing recipients make at least one purchase in a year after receiving promotional emails.
  • Consumers who buy products through email marketing tend to spend 138% more than those not receiving any offer.
  • People spend more than 2 hours per day, checking personalized email templates at work.
  • 68% of millennials say promotional emails influence their purchasing decisions.
  • The ROI (return on investment) of emails is 38 to one.
  • 66% of marketers prioritize email marketing engagement for businesses.

(Source: Convince & Convert)

With stats like these, email marketing is surely far from death and still has enormous power for eCommerce business. Which leads us to the follow-up question:

How to make effective email marketing campaigns?

email marketing header

How to make effective email marketing campaigns?

If you’ve asked yourself that tricky question, no worries. Here are four simple steps to make an effective email marketing campaign – which can attract attention even in busy inboxes

1. Choose a good email service provider

The first step is to use the best email builder for your business. Several options depend on your list, but I would like to recommend Avada Email Marketing – a comprehensive email app that is free to start with already 15,000 emails per month.]

With a good email service provider, you can create, personalize, and optimize your email marketing campaigns without much technical or graphic design experience. 

Design plays a crucial role here. But likely one of the most important aspects to attend to is your font choices. Free fonts make it easier for customers to read what you have to say, which means you’ll be more likely to get that conversion.

2. Create good emails with personalized copy and excellent imagery

Emails these days need to be personalized to the recipients and filled with interesting graphics to nurture a relationship. People want to read emails that are made for them, from copy with their names to visuals that quickly explain the point of the email.

An email template will help you go in the right direction with email design, but we will get to that later.

3. Add a relevant call to action (CTA)

Above all, exceptional emails must contain a meaningful CTA. If you are taking up subscribers’ time and inbox space, give them a good reason to check out your business. Your CTA will explain why they should give you a chance to click and buy.

4. Don’t forget about responsiveness

Companies these days have to prioritize responsiveness when creating email campaigns – which means designing emails to suit all devices of table, mobile, and desktop. Considering that 56% of emails are read on mobile devices, a good responsive email experience is unquestionable.

Now, read on to discover some best email marketing templates to save time creating great campaigns and get back to converting more customers.

Best email marketing templates in 2022

email marketing templates

Best email marketing templates in 2022

A successful email campaign would be a sequence of emails to deliver your message. These email marketing templates below are designed to be as universal as possible, and you only need to make some minor changes such as adding your logo or business’s name. By using them, you can set up an email campaign and run it in under 30 minutes.

Welcome new customer email

Hey there [customer-name],

Thanks for signing up and becoming a special part of [store_name], we are excited to have you on board! Here is a 10% coupon just for you!

If you have questions and concerns, don’t be shy. We are always available to help through live chat and social media. Make sure to follow us on [Instagram_account] and [Facebook_account].

Thanks again, look forward to seeing you on [store_name]!


Welcome new subscriber email from founder or CEO

Hi [customer_name]

Personally I wanted to thank you for joining [store_name].

You can always talk to me like a friend if you get any trouble or question when shopping in [store_name]. You just need to reply to this email and I would love to assist you anytime. 

Best regards, 

John Doe

Abandoned cart email

Hi [customer_name],

 I noticed you clicked over to the checkout page, but didn’t complete your order…I was just curious if something went wrong?

But don’t worry, your cart was saved when you left off. Now you can easily go back and grab your items:

{{Jump to check out}}

New order confirmation email

Thank you for your order, [customer_name]!

We hope you enjoyed shopping with us! ?

You can view your full order right here and check if you have the right item in the cart.

Also, here is a discount code at the checkout on next time purchase, 10% off on us! Hope to see you again!


Cross-sell email

Hi [customer_name],

Thank you for your purchase on [store_name]

We hope you enjoy it and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Our shoppers also love these items, check them out!

{{Relevant cross-sell products}}


Return/refund confirmation email

Hi [customer_name]

Your return for order [order_number] has been processed. 

Please check your order return information below:

Return Items

[Product Name]

Sorry for any inconvenience you encountered and hope to see you again on [store_name] ?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by replying to this email.


Re-engage email with unsubscribers

Hi [customer_name],

I am sorry to hear you unsubscribed from our list. Please let me know if there is anything wrong with us. We always treasure your feedback and love to hear your wishes!

{{Resubscribe Now}}

Because we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you only! Redeem this code at checkout to get 10% discount on your next purchase: 


Note: These easy-to-use email templates are all available on Avada Email Marketing – which you can install for free and edit them with your logo, signature, content, and more. You can also set up email automation workflows to save time but still engage with customers.

Some examples of best email marketing templates for your creativity

Now, let’s see some brilliant email examples so you can discover what the pros are doing to increase their email campaigns’ open rate, click-through rate, and sales.

Nike email template


This seasonal email from Nike is just perfect for summer. The design is simple with a minimal copy and get right to the point – the summer collection is here! To emulate this template, you need a creative product layout with unclustered design to keep focus on the products and CTA.

1Password email template


1Password welcomes new users with a touch of personality with witty copy and design. They also let users know what to do next, which is getting the app and printing out an emergency kit. It is a good idea to include your brand’s characters, customers are more likely to remember you.

Adobe email template


Adobe’s email has one simple goal – getting people to start using the product. By having a wonderful call to action and being helpful, Adobe shows the next step without overwhelming new users. This way, users are more likely to take action.

Chewy email template 


By using a sweet image with personalized messages, Chewy brings a heart-warming email that helps cross-sell products related to the customer’s past purchases. The message feels like the brand is talking to the customers, inclining them to take action.

Birchbox email template



Birchbox took an intelligent approach to get the customer’s attention with this email. By saying they forget to put something in the box, they introduced a new promotion campaign. The copy is simple but effective, but what you can learn from is a new way to send promotional emails.

Michaels email template


With this sale recap email, Michaels wanted to trigger a FOMO reaction among recipients, reminding them of what they are missing out if they don’t take advantage of the sales now. The email design really suits the brand too, as they are a specialty retailer.


If you have read this far, there is a high chance that you are pretty serious about your email marketing effort. Then, don’t stop at these templates, invest in some kinds of email service software to optimize your conversion strategy.

The templates are only the start, you will need to inject them with your brand’s personalities and amazing content to really build relationships. Have you figured out your email strategy? Share me your thoughts on the email templates in the comment section!

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