7 Prospecting Strategies For 2020

Sales prospecting is an essential procedure that comes first in the sales pipeline. You can see prospecting as the process of gathering leads and getting more people interested in the business. A good prospecting strategy would mean getting better leads and prospects for a long term relationship. The sales team should be able to assess if the new leads and prospects fit into the image of the good customers they have or want. Additionally, all this can happen only if the needs of such leads are met properly.

Getting more prospects to convert and enter the sales funnel would be the work of experts in the team. Sales prospecting is essentially a filter to the sales pipeline. Your search and input only the best most qualified lead into it to get long term results.

Let’s have a look at some of the best prospecting strategies you can practice –

Try Cold Calling:

cold calling

Well, you can’t forget the basics of prospecting like cold calling to get more prospects and leads. It is an effective method to get people interested and in contact. It may not be well received sometimes but for people genuinely interested and looking for products and services, it can be a great opportunity. Now as we’re focusing on improving the prospect and lead quality, we should only be calling interested people. Calling up every John Doe would hurt the company’s image and would be a waste of time and effort. Make your cold calling practice effective using the following strategies:
Have a confident way of communication.
Be clear and straightforward about how your services would be beneficial.
Get to know about their requirements and any issues they have which you could implement on!

Use the power of social media:

social media selling

Social selling aka social media marketing is a great way to get genuinely interested people to sign up for your products and services. The great thing about social media is people engage only if they’re interested. No one would follow you unless they’re interested in getting regular updates. This can be seen as both as a con and a pro. You can get people to follow and sign up to be your leads through social media more efficiently than other methods.

The best places to prospect for such leads would be Twitter and LinkedIn. While you work on establishing organic growth on Facebook, Instagram and the likes, you would get B2B clients through Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator also can help in getting more leads through its algorithms. As per Statista, there are around 2.5 billion people using some or the other form of social media across the globe.


See what emails can do:

email finder

Email marketing and prospecting is another great method to drastically increase sign-ups. Interested prospects would definitely at the. Rey least opens your email. It is better than cold calling to get people interested as after a few email campaigns you would come to know who to target.

Use impressive subject lines and straightforward email content. You’re aiming to get new prospects to enter the sales funnel. So it has to be as catchy as possible. Moreover, your email isn’t sent out to focus on your business plans and strategies, it is there to focus on the client and their issues and needs.


Additionally, keep in mind that the email has to be short and straightforward. No one would go through the whole long email to see what’s really important in it. Keep it short and in points. Pitch them how it would benefit them to join the existing customers. A link to the website section showing testimonials by other customers would be a great idea.

As per 2017, there were around 3.7 billion email users, as per Statista. Moreover, email marketing is really beneficial to business in terms of ROI.

It has an ROI of 122% approximately speaking as per DMA and Demand Metric.

Joining target groups:


Prospecting startegies

Social media networks often have dedicated groups on certain topics. Facebook has several thousands of such groups. A good prospecting practice would be to enter and search for prospects in such groups. Find your topic related groups in the search option. Undoubtedly it would present to you one if not several with the same intention as you. People enter such groups for discussions and business opportunities in the domain they like.

They have events like meetings where you can communicate with the audience to gather prospects and leads. This would work out better than random strangers as these people look for such businesses and events. Prospecting becomes much easier with such groups where they are gathering for similar interests.

Using networking and referrals:


referral Prospecting strategies

Referral programs are one of the best practices out there for business operations. Whether you want lead generation, prospecting or even shortening your sales cycle, referrals can help a lot. Having an attractive referral program which helps customers with their needs and let them see the value they’re getting is a must.

You can get happy satisfied customers but getting successful good quality referrals is something else entirely. Referral programs can be a reason to bring in massive numbers of good quality repeat customers.

But, for this to work your customers have to be willing to refer their family and friends in the first place. Have a referral scheme set in place on your website or application. If not for loyalty, people would definitely refer to others for the rewards.

92% of people trust word of mouth marketing over other methods as per Nielsen. Additionally, at least 77% of people go for a product or service when they hear about it from their friends and family circles. In general, anything you can refer or get as a referral is going to be the best strategy for marketing.

Sales prospecting is necessary to get good quality leads. It is the first step to get good quality leads and customers. So, it’s a must to focus on it a lot to not affect the processes down the line negatively. Getting good prospects means a good business turnover and better results for the sales team as well.

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