Via Varejo Sa

via varejo sa's email is and via varejo sa's phone number is +55 11 4121-4513 .

Via Varejo operates iconic retail brands and has been present in the minds, hearts, and homes of Brazilians for decades. It offers career and learning opportunities for people looking for great challenges. The company is present in more than 400 Brazilian municipalities, 20 states and in the Federal District, with more than 900 stores and around 50 thousand employees. The company, which has its administrative headquarters in the municipality of São Caetano do Sul, in Greater São Paulo (SP), positions itself as one of the largest electronics retailers in the world.
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img Website
img Industry Retail
img Location São Caetano Do Sul, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Founded 2012
Phone +55 11 4121-4513
img Website
img Industry Retail
img Employees 12,291
img Founded 2012
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img Phone +55 11 4121-4513
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