Chrome Plugin

1. I installed the plugin, now how to add prospects ?
After installing the plugin and entering API key, you should see "Add Prospect to AeroLeads" button on every linkedIn profile on top right corner. You will also see similar button on linkedIn search pages as well as in Google when you search from AeroLeads.

2. Where is the API key ?

3. I am clicking on "Add Prospect" on linkedIn but nothing is happening ?
Sometimes this happens if you add prospects too fast. In this case, you can slow down adding prospects.

4. The plugin is enabled, API key is there but I don't see add to prospect.
This happens very rarely. Few reasons can be network problem where the data is sent by plugin to server but it didn't reached. Sometimes AeroLeads can also be down due to upgrading features. If this happens to you, please mail us to get it resolved as soon as possible.


1. I am adding prospects but I can't see it on /prospects ?
Most likely you have used all your credits as after that, you can't add any more prospects. Also you might be using wrong API key as API key is linked to your account.

Random 404 or 500 page error.
You might have entered wrong details in settings.

3. How to downgrade or upgrade plans ?
On, you can downgrade your plan to free or upgrade your plan. You can also upgrade through

4. Prospects are getting added but I am seeing no title and location ?
Give AeroLeads sometimes say 30 mins to a 1 hour as with excessive usage, lot of proesses runs in background and takes time to complete. If you are still having this problem, please mail to with your account email id.

5. No company name and emails are being shown ?
AeroLeads will be able to generate emails 50% time and with some manual work, you can make the success rate to 80% but is impossible to find company names of all prospects and their emails. We will keep working on AeroLeads to make it better though and any feedback and feature request is welcome. You can mail to for such feature requests or bugs.

Still need help?

Please email to or use site chat for any help and assistance in using AeroLeads.