Sonic Drive In

sonic drive-in's phone number is 405-225-5000 .

Sonic Drive-In operates and franchises a chain of quick-service drive-in restaurants in the United States. It operated 3,593 Sonic Drive-Ins in 45 states as of August 31, 2017, of which 228 the company owns and operates and 3,365 franchisees own and operate. Sonic Drive-In also owns and leases 135 properties and sublease 53 properties to franchisees and other parties. Troy Smith founded it as Top Hat Drive-In on June 18, 1953 that became Sonic in 1959, with its headquarters in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma.
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img Website
img Industry Restaurants
img Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Founded 1953
HQ 300 Johnny Bench Drive
Phone 405-225-5000
img Website
img Industry Restaurants
img Employees 4,193
img Founded 1953
img LinkedIn
img HQ 300 Johnny Bench Drive
img Phone 405-225-5000

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