Shade Of Green Resort

shade of green resort's phone number is (888) 593-2242 .

Shades of Green LLC will be a Cooperative as defined in California law. They are a dispensary that develops, manufactures, grows and distributes innovative products to their store front for consumption by the defined general public. They offer delivery services; edibles and tinctures as well as medical marijuana. The Shades of Green model is being developed for the creation of a store in Monterey, CA. This profile will then be replicated in other locations throughout the state of CA.
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img Website
img Industry Hospitality
img Location United States
HQ 645 Ramona Avenue
Phone (888) 593-2242
img Funding 50,000 USD
img Website
img Industry Hospitality
img Employees 32
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img HQ 645 Ramona Avenue
img Phone (888) 593-2242
img Funding 50000

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