Opex Corporation

opex corporation's email is info@opex.com and opex corporation's phone number is 856-727-1100 .

OPEX Corporation is a recognized global leader delivering state-of-the-art warehouse automation technologies, document imaging platforms, and high-speed mailroom automation. Since 1973, OPEX systems have provided performance-enhancing workflow solutions and cost-effective results to thousands of organizations worldwide. Their satisfied customer list includes fulfillment operations, distribution centers, financial services, healthcare, government, utilities, service bureaus, insurance, and educational institutions
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img Website opex.com
img Industry Industrial Automation
img Location Moorestown, New Jersey, United States
Founded 1973
HQ 305 Commerce Drive
Phone 856-727-1100
Email info@opex.com
img Website
img Industry Industrial Automation
img Employees 690
img Founded 1973
img LinkedIn
img HQ 305 Commerce Drive
img Phone 856-727-1100
img Email info@opex.com

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