Ocs Distribution

ocs distribution's email is info@ocs.ru and ocs distribution's phone number is +7 812 324 2870 .

OCS is the wholesale distribution of computers, servers, storage, telecommunication and network equipment, engineering products, computer components, peripherals, infrastructure software, consumer electronics, and various electronic gadgets. They focus on project and volume distribution and cooperate with corporate resellers, system integrators, national and local retailers, assemblers, and other corporate and consumer suppliers.
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img Website ocs.ru
img Industry Wholesale
img Location St Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia
Founded 1994
HQ 68D, Bolshoy Sampsonievsky avenue
Phone +7 812 324 2870
Email info@ocs.ru
img Website
img Industry Wholesale
img Employees 654
img Founded 1994
img LinkedIn
img HQ 68D, Bolshoy Sampsonievsky avenue
img Phone +7 812 324 2870
img Email info@ocs.ru

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