Magellan Health

magellan health's email is and magellan health's phone number is 1(800)642-7820 .

Magellan Health Services is a healthcare management organization that focuses on managing behavioral healthcare and diagnostic imaging. The depth and breadth of our experience in managing behavioral health care, diagnostic imaging, specialty pharmaceutical services, and providing pharmacy benefits administration. It was founded in 1969 and headquartered in Avon, Connecticut.
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img Industry Hospital & Health Care
img Location Phoenix, Arizona, United States
HQ 55 Nod Road
Phone 1(800)642-7820
img Funding 101,000,000 USD
img Website
img Industry Hospital & Health Care
img Employees 5,716
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img HQ 55 Nod Road
img Phone 1(800)642-7820
img Email
img Funding 101000000