Gentex Corporation

gentex corporation's email is and gentex corporation's phone number is (616) 772-1800 .

Gentex is a global, high technology electronics company that is managed by engineers and others who understand the freedom and discipline that's required to run an entrepreneurial company. We are a unique, profitable company that is vertically integrated in highly automated electronics, CMOS camera development and manufacturing, vacuum coatings, and glass bending and fabrication. We specialize in a broad spectrum of technologies and processes to deliver high quality products to the automotive, aerospace and fire protection industries.
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img Website
img Industry Automotive
img Location Zeeland, Michigan, United States
Founded 1974
HQ 600 North Centennial Street
Phone (616) 772-1800
img Website
img Industry Automotive
img Employees 2,004
img Founded 1974
img LinkedIn
img HQ 600 North Centennial Street
img Phone (616) 772-1800
img Email

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