Cirque Du Soleil

cirque du soleil's email is and cirque du soleil's phone number is 514-723-7606 .

Cirque du Soleil is an entertainment company that focuses on the production of shows. IT offers an online platform that enables its users to find information and buy tickets for shows. The shows are performed in Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, and Riviera Maya. Cirque du Soleil facilitates an online boutique that enables shoppers to find and buy apparel, accessories, collectibles, arts, and more. Cirque du Soleil is based in Montreal, Canada and was founded in 1984.
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img Website
img Industry Entertainment
img Location Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Founded 1984
HQ 8400, 2E Avenue
Phone 514-723-7606
img Funding 120,000,000 USD
img Website
img Industry Entertainment
img Employees 3,264
img Founded 1984
img LinkedIn
img HQ 8400, 2E Avenue
img Phone 514-723-7606
img Email
img Funding 120000000

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