Berry Plastics

berry plastics's phone number is 812-424-2904 .

Berry Plastics (NYSE: BERY) is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging products and protection materials serving multiple markets including food, beverage, personal care, household chemical, healthcare and industrial. Berry Plastics serves more than 13,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest CPG manufacturers and strategically expanding internationally to serve the needs of the rapidly growing global markets. With a history of acquisitions, Berry Plastics has grown to account for over 80 manufacturing locations across the world and employs over 15,000 individuals.
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img Website
img Industry Plastics
img Location Evansville, Indiana, United States
Founded 1967
HQ 101 Oakley Street
Phone 812-424-2904
img Funding 2,250,000,000 USD
img Website
img Industry Plastics
img Employees 400
img Founded 1967
img LinkedIn
img HQ 101 Oakley Street
img Phone 812-424-2904
img Funding 2250000000

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