Amri (Albany Molecular Research Inc.)

amri (albany molecular research inc.)'s email is and amri (albany molecular research inc.)'s phone number is 5185122044 .

“Albany Molecular Research Inc. provides scientific services, products and technologies that improve quality of life while delivering excellence, value and maximum return.”Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMRI) is a global contract research and manufacturing organization offering customers fully integrated drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services.
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img Website
img Industry Pharmaceuticals
img Location Albany, New York, United States
Founded 1991
HQ 26 Corporate Circle
Phone 518-512-2044
img Funding 0
img Website
img Industry Pharmaceuticals
img Employees 1,945
img Founded 1991
img LinkedIn
img HQ 26 Corporate Circle
img Phone 518-512-2044
img Email
img Funding 0

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