The Top 10 Sales Trends to Follow in 2020


2020 has its significant share of sales trends that changed how we sell, work as a team, and automate our sales activity. Before your marketing activities, you have to update yourself with all the latest sales trends.

Seems like, new trends almost always bring new technical language and concepts with it. And if you don’t recognize them, making the right marketing choices is going to be hard for you.

We need to know the top sales trends to be aware of what is advancing in technology, procedures, demographics, and trades. Also, it is important to know how this will exert influence on chances for sales at the moment and in the future.

As these trends continue to stay in the year ahead, we need to sharpen in on the best trends to check that ROI remains high. Read on to master the ten most crucial sales trends to implement for prosperous sales in

Sales trends To Follow in 2020

#1. The setting, Subject Matter Experts up for Victory

Customers do not have the trends, best operations or innovative actions that decide if there is a suit for the buyer’s condition. So, subject matter experts continue to be seen as perfect guides by customers.

Conventionally subject matter experts have every time made a carrying part of the sales methods.

Subject matter experts are taking business links on its head, by guiding the procedures and traditional sales taking part an assisting role to them.

#2. Comprehensive and Robust Sales Enablement programs

This will aim at integrating talent growth, technology, sales operations, messaging and sales approach. This will help to finely train, assist, teach, and lead sellers as they help customers through the buying journey and customer lifecycle.

Expect sales enablement programs to become more extensive and strong, bouncing additional sections of sales. 2020 is a year to focus past the content difficulty and difficulties to find new answers to alternative inabilities that are making your sales team slow down.

The advancement of sales enablement has included a shift in focus towards customers. It supports finer conversations linking customers and sellers and refines sales approaches. A master sales enablement policy can assist you to have continuous inclusions of lifelong relationships with your buyers.

#3. Upfront and Explicit Content

Trust is always the key ingredient for a successful content marketing recipe. It is the most powerful business commodity. So, a buyer follows your message only if he trusts you.

One way to gain your buyers’ trust is by creating contents written by your customers rather than you. Motivate customers to insert photos or videos into the reviews. This serves as a great social-proof and creates a community engagement.

As content marketing grows more successful, it’s going to get more dollars allocations and a vast workforce. As a result, it will turn further competitive with other kinds of marketing.

Be active on social media. Open accounts on all the top social networks, and be lively. Chat with your customers and answer their questions by producing useful content.

#4. Boost for Customer Reach with Growth in Artificial Intelligence /Virtual Reality

One trend, in particular, has influenced the news around the year: virtual reality. Virtual Reality is one of the most budding mediums with outstanding potential for the future. This can work as a great boost to expand your reach to customers by using it to demonstrate your products and expand your content marketing. There are real-world performance and the emergence of major marketing strategies with Artificial Intelligence.

Seems like setting virtual images in real ones and delivering more productive real-world experience is all possible now with AR technology. Pinterest now uses AI to identify objects to improve Pin and product recommendations. Google uses algorithms in its search engine to filter its search algorithms to make more personalized and targeted results.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is more capable than doing just these. Therefore, as a marketer, you can use AI to increase personalization, by installing more software with built-in AI capabilities.

#5. More of Live Video Marketing

Live video creates threefold the number of engagement than pre-recorded video. Another advantage is marketing through live videos involves creating something that puts viewers to focus particularly on the present time.

Live video is utilized for “chatting” about various domains. Hence to ensure that it’s hitting the followers on the platforms they prefer to use, these videos can be streamed on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Live videos encourage their audience members to participate in the conversations and ask the company of members’ questions in real-time. So this can be used as an inbound marketing strategy to encourage your clients to get involved in the live conversations. These kinds of campaigns create the perfect platform for you to position yourselves as experts or thought-leaders. This also allows them to connect with customers and prospects in real-time.

#6. Right Time Marketing

Right-time marketing with all the aim only for opportunities to market and score has been sensationally the news in the last few years. It involves examining your data with strong insights and spending time researching to know where exactly your content will have the biggest authority.

As we at the moment making use of data to set apart the good time to connect with consumers, real-time should move to right-time.

And you will be listening to your customers more than just talking to them. Therefore, ideas will form based on your buyers’ needs and interests rather than events made only once that aren’t related to your brand or your buyer.

#7. Chatbots for better Customer Communication

Chatbots can be used to bring a direct, effortless channel for communicating with a company. And it makes logical predictions about customer wants to be based on their past actions. Chatbots address customer inquiries and requirements at a decreased cost per contact.

Chatbots can be instructed to imitate us. They’re automated and are capable of controlling all our communications on our behalf, in our unavailability. In actuality, Chatbots are the most productive live chat negotiators you did not reward to appoint!

Create a Chatbot to bounce on the chat vehicle to target audiences. You need to feed more information into your bot to get more accurate with it. And train it overtime to make it quick-witted.

#8. More Personalization More Engagement

Personalized, branded content effectively influences customers on how they perceive a brand. Also, consumers always seek and look for content that’s explicit to their fondness. Most importantly, when there’s enough consumer-specific data obtainable to customize the experience.

Personalization also called one-to-one-marketing is your key to catch the eye at the present messed up digital media situation.

Therefore the only method to captivate a customer’s attention today is by creating relevant and personalized content to them. This vitally influences every aspect of content marketing, from how you build a brand-owned content page to how you distribute content over digital channels, to the technology you use to develop and estimate your content marketing programs.

#9. Account-Based Marketing 

Strike up a conversation with a leading sales expert and you’ll know instantly that account-based marketing (ABM) is one of the hottest marketing initiatives of this year. It is a plan that allows B2B organizations to think like customers, to understand their challenges, and to see exactly what those customers need. The ABM approach focuses on targeting independent organizations into a single segment and supporting company-specific buyers in marketing programs.

You can take ABM a move further by stretching it beyond your sales marketing and business development teams. And by merging marketing and sales efforts, you’ll achieve growth in engagement and conversion rates.

#10. The growing Automation of Sales Order Managing

Due to the growth in automation of sales order processing has reduced errors and costs. Cost per order goes down and also error in order severely drips.

It also improves process capabilities. The most noteworthy thing is that the progress of the order management process becomes easy to measure. Orders can be quickly processed by using automatic data extraction and data integrity check.

Furthermore, the time spent on keying in orders can now be utilized to improving customer satisfaction. And you can measure long-term performance.

In conclusion, while the trends enumerated by us are wide, we’ll see plenty of variations on these. It depends on the startup and size of the company, types of targets and geographies. Staying up to date with trends, procedures, best applications and points are simpler said than done, especially since customers are becoming unsteady by the day.

Comment below and tell us what trends you follow to stay on top of the sales ladder. We like to hear from you about what you thought about sales trends.

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