Privacy Policy for Bulk Email Sender

Overview of how Aeroleads Bulk Email Sender works

Aeroleads Bulk Email Sender works by sending mass personalized mails on your behalf from your gmail account. This is done by first organizing the data such as names and email addresses of the contacts you want to send the mail to and the template you want to personalize for each contact. We get this data either from your Aeroleads account, or a CSV file that you have uploaded. In case of the latter, the data imported from your CSV file is not collected by our servers, since everything is done on the browser. Sending the email from your behalf is done using the Gmail API.

What information does Aeroleads collect from the users through the Bulk Email Sender

Aeroleads does not collect any data whatsover from the user when the user uses the Bulk Email Sender. No data is collected from the gmail account. No Email Content is collected by us. We do not request anything from the Gmail API except for the permission to send emails on your behalf.

Google Chrome Plugin Privacy Policy

We do not own any data added and owned by you. We do not identify our Google chrome plugin users or track their usage. We comply with Google Chrome Developer Terms of Service and Program Policies. Please check below sections to know more about our privacy policy about personal or sensitive user data. Please contact us at Contact Us if you need any further clarification.

Does Aeroleads Bulk Email Sender store the content of your email message?

No. Unlike a traditional email marketing service like MailChimp, the Aeroleads Bulk Email Sender does not store the contents of your email marketing campaigns. We do not store the content (Subject / Message) of email campaigns.

Does GMass share any of your email list information with third parties?

No. Aeroleads Bulk Email Sender does not collect any data, nor does it share any data with third parties.