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Founded in 1975, and known as WAFA Electromechanical Cont. Co, a dynamic experienced and highly organized MEP Service Company. It has continuously demonstrated steady adaptation, improvement and growth. For approximately a 35 years.

WAFA Electromechanical has been in the Heavy Construction Industry performing an extensive range of backgrounds and experience of the management as well as the exceptional corps of engineers. We believe that customer satisfaction is achieved first, by carefully listening to our clients and studying their needs, second, by suggesting thoroughly studied solutions and agreeing on a plan, and finally, by executing the works in accordance with the set plan. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality is a continuous journey towards improving the performance of our staff and services and meeting whatever challenges that may confront us. We take great pride in what we have achieved.

WAFA Electromechanical has a strong tradition of integrity, efficiency, preparedness and excellent employee relations. An integral part of all of WAFA Electromechanical projects is our commitment to the safety of our own workers and others, the environment and equal employment opportunities.

WAFA is specialized, Electrical and Plumbing works, Over the years. WAFA Electromechanical has achieved an enviable reputation in the Heavy Construction Industry, at various fields such as electromechanical works comprising electrical building .

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501-1,000 employees






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Arsalan MBA)

Accountant General /Procurement Lead