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We Take A Different Approach To Recruiting...

Through our own experience managing software development projects and teams, we are able to understand how to connect talented candidates with great companies from a skills, culture and career standpoint. Most of our clients are startups and smaller companies. And we focus on companies where we believe in the product or service - companies we would work for ourselves. We work on a variety of positions from entry-level to senior/executive level.

Some of the positions we focus on:
-Software Engineers (Java, PHP, .NET, RoR, Python)
-Product Managers
-Data Scientists/Data Engineers
-UI/UX Engineers
-Software Quality Engineers
-Project/Program Managers

We take a long-term relationship approach to recruiting. Our passion is helping people build their careers - not just find the next job.

A few keys to our success:
-We've worked AT technology companies - from startups to smaller companies.
-We've managed software development projects and teams.
-We are a startup!

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Bryan Wirth

Director , Business Development and Recruiting