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TAGTEK Trading LLC is defined by its values and innovation in the field of branding, advertising and promotions. With a dedicated team of highly qualified individuals we strive to provide our clients with a one-stop branding solution for their organization. With a skill set comprising of 15 years of extensive industry experience in corporate identity solutions. TAGTEK empowers its customers by exploring their imagination and turning it into a tangible branding product. With a comprehensive portfolio and having worked with renowned organizations TAGTEK has become a symbol of trust and satisfaction.

With the goal of becoming a market leader in providing unmatched branding solutions to our clients, we believe in employing cost effective and timely methods so that our customers receive their services and products in the least amount of time at the most optimal cost. TAGTEK deals in design services, corporate identity creation, printing solutions, digital marketing, brand creation, brand promotion and events management.

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2-10 employees






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Jordan Tsanev

Business Owner / CEO