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Jackson Walker is a Texas-based law firm with a national presence and global reach. With more than 400 attorneys, we're one of the largest firms in the state and provide comprehensive services in a broad range of practice areas. At the same time, by keeping our offices in Texas—Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Angelo, San Antonio, and Texarkana—we are able to provide excellent value for clients and maintain the nimbleness to adapt to their needs.

We recognize that our success is built on relationships. For more than 130 years, our Firm has represented companies that have changed the face of Texas business. While we remain firmly rooted in the "Lone Star State,"​ our practice has grown to represent corporate clients across the globe who are among some of the biggest names in business. We are proud to represent 109 of the Fortune 500 companies and seven of the Fortune 10. Internationally, our attorneys have represented clients in over 85 countries and territories, and we are a founding member of Globalaw, a worldwide network of law firms with offices throughout the U.S. and in over 165 cities internationally.

Beyond serving large national and international clients, we're also a good fit for smaller companies, including family-owned businesses, local and regional government agencies, individuals, and nonprofit groups. Whether large or small, our clients know they can depend on us to understand their business and create solutions that address their specific needs.

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Jaymie Bell

Chief Marketing Officer

Rob Lydick

Partner, Corporate and Securities Practice Group

Curt Langley

Attorney / Partner

Joel Lytle

Director of Information Security

Mark BeMent

Chief Information Officer

Jeff Hershberger

Telecom Manager

Mary Hepburn

Case Clerk

Travis Booe


Suzan Kedron