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The fastest growing franchise in Australian history, F45 has taken the best elements of all fitness techniques and developed an encyclopedia of over 900 functional exercises with HIIT principles (High Intensity Interval Training). These workouts are presented with the most modern, cutting edge, patented delivery technology, to give clients the ultimate tools to realize a prized, lean, millennia physique. You wont find another fitness studio that offers paralleled variety with continual muscle confusion and mental stimuli.

With over 27 different work out ‘brands’ like Flamingo Athletica, and Brooklyn Boxing within our 900 functional exercise encyclopedia, you will never do the same workout twice. These ‘brands’ consist of 25 to 45 second spurts of training mixed with 15 to 35 seconds rest. Your 45 minute workout goes by before you know it, and so do 500-1200 calories. With two team leaders on-deck motivating, inspiring and keeping clients form in-check, it’s impossible to be unmotivated. We also provide global F45 9 week fitness challenges that come with meal plans, nutrition webinars. Did we mention the feeling you get all day long after one of our sessions? Our clients say they have never had such mental clarity, energy and good vibes, come be the judge yourself.

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