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Eagers Holden is Brisbane's #1 Dealer for Holden vehicles. We offer the sale of new and demo Holdens and HSVs, car servicing, parts and accessories.
Visit our website: https://www.eagersholden.com.au

Eagers Holden has over 600 New Holden, New HSV and quality Used Cars in Brisbane for sale. AT EAGERS HOLDEN, WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR HERITAGE. Some call us an Australian landmark company. One thing's for sure: We are True Blue. That goes as much for our company ideals as for the vehicles we sell and service. And, we believe that as long as we continue to offer our clients the very best in attitudes, as well as the service and range of vehicles that you'd expect

Our Colourful History:
If you live in Brisbane and you've owned a Holden at some time since 1913, chances are it was an Eagers Holden. We've come a long way since our humble beginnings at Kemp Place.

However, our attitude towards the care and service of our clients has not changed in all those years.

At Eagers, we are proud to say that we have clients whose mums and dads brought their first Holden at Eagers ... and their mums and dads before them!

Eagers Today and Tomorrow:
People tell us that it's our commitment that keeps them coming back to us. You'll be surprised when you pay us a visit ... at the pleasant, informal surroundings and attitude.

When you come in, you'll be able to consider the range of Holden vehicles in superb comfort, with the assistance of a specialist who knows everything there is to know about Holden.

We look forward to seeing you. In the meantime, please contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Our commitment is to become and remain your first choice in Holden by providing:

Professional and attentive service

A large range of vehicles to choose from

The very best attitude

And as long as we continue to offer our clients the very best that you would expect from us, our name will always be the first you think of when you think HOLDEN.

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