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Coqonut is the reliable compass for the crypto-world, which makes investments in cryptocurrencies simpler and smarter. With more than 100 market exchanges and more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies, Coqonut controls, aggregates and enriches data in one single place to hide the complexity of the crypto-world.

Coqonut is the first fully automated portfolio management solution, not only to keep track of performance and calculate the realized gains, but also to report on taxes which is probably the biggest burden right now for crypto-investors. All transactions are aggregated to provide a consolidated view of holdings, each transaction is valued in a reference currency to ease monitoring (especially when transacting one cryptocurrency against another).

Coqonut qualifies the data, making sure for instance that the code of one cryptocurrency is consistent between the different exchanges. Coqonut’s service also includes a proprietary cryptocurrency referential, with unique code per cryptocurrency, realtime and historical prices.

With Coqonut, Financial Service Providers can provide reporting on crypto-holdings, with the same level of service as for any other investments. We provide either API (SaaS model) or whitelabel front-ends (mobile application and/or website).

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