Fishermen Labs

fishermen labs's email is and fishermen labs's phone number is (424)262-5227 .

Fishermen Labs is a Los Angeles based maker agency specializing in design and development for augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile app, web, and emerging technology products. Our team is comprised of product designers, developers, and product managers and we specialize in working with companies on building existing products, innovating on new products, and refining software development processes. Our client roster is made up of a diverse set of brands and startups including Walmart, IAC, Sony, Lenovo, Puma, Regal, the United Nations,, Goodwater Capital, TBN and CBS.
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img Website
img Industry Computer Software
img Location Manhattan Beach, California, United States
Founded 2014
HQ 140 Penn Street
Phone (424)262-5227
img Website
img Industry Computer Software
img Employees 20
img Founded 2014
img LinkedIn
img HQ 140 Penn Street
img Phone (424)262-5227
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