What is AeroLeads?

Aeroleads find emails and phone numbers of business people and businesses from LinkedIn. You can start using it for free by installing our chrome plugin.

It is one of the most powerful prospect technology software program which discovers emails from organizations and the people in those organizations.

It helps in-

  •  Finding smartphone numbers, regularly occurring electronic mail ids of organizations,
  • Social media profiles of organizations, designation, place and so on.
  • Exporting all of the information.
  • You can create lists to categorize and add team members to share credits

Aeroleads also offer the feature like editing persons and company’s name and exporting data into a CSV file. As well as you can transfer your prospects to sites like Salesforce, MailChimp, Hubspot and Zapier with one click. You can also import first name, last name and company name to AeroLeads and AeroLeads will pull their emails and phone number. Aeroleads also offer service done for you where you send us the requirement like title and industry location, and we will send you data with email and phone in a CSV file

How does AeroLeads find the records?

Aeroleads uses more than one strategy to discover statistics in actual-time. Whilst you add a prospect from LinkedIn, CrunchBase, every other aid web page or upload your CSV, AeroLeads look at diverse resources, data providers, statistics APIS, corporation websites etc and with a lot of heavy lifting works at the background find the facts.

Unlike different software program like Hoovers, InfoUSA, data.com, AeroLeads does not have or keep any database but do the hunt in actual time.

How to Use AeroLeads

1. Sign up to AeroLeads from here.



2. Now Enter your Business Mail address, Your Name, Company Name and password then click on sign up.



3.  After Sign up, you can install our plugin. You can either click on “install it now” or Do it manually as shown in images below




4. After Installing AeroLeads plugin you can Copy API key in AeroLeads Setting and save it as shown in images below:



5. After coping API key you can click on Go to prospects and you will be direct to our prospects page



6. You can check your credit in setting option


7. Now for prospecting, you can go multiple networking sites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Inbound. org, AngelList, and GitHub and add prospects there:



8. After Adding prospect you can check your added leads in prospects page


9. For Downloading CSV file you have to select the leads which you want to export and then click on Export option you will get a CSV file as shown below





1. I am getting errors at the same time as clicking on upload

That is most probably network problem. In case you get this error, please ship us a message to [email protected] even though most possibly it receives clear up on its own in 10-15 mins.

2. I’m not seeing any widget on the right-hand corner

Click on at the plugin icon (top right-hand corner on Chrome browser), it’s going to open plugin settings. Disable and permit it once more and it should work. In case you are nonetheless not capable of seeing the widget, you have to uninstall and reinstall the plugin.


3. How many free credits will I get on sign up

You will get 10 free credit after (10 qualified leads) sign up.

4. Where can I add leads

You can use our software with multiple networking sites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Inbound. org, AngelList and GitHub. You can basically use all the filters available there to add leads manually and limited to the terms and usage policies of individual sites.

5. Do you provide a phone number as well

Normally our software finds company phone numbers for about 40% of the leads and if you need, we can add them manually for all the leads when you go to our Service.

6. What is the difference between service work and software

The process for the Service will be the same where we first send the sample list based on criteria for review and then you let us know of changes if any and once we are on the right track you can place the actual order.

7. How to fetch bulk details from any site of yours?

Instead of a single site, if you want to search for multiple sites for the contact details data, you can click on “search emails in bulk URLs” link and enter your complete list of URLs. The rest of the data fetching works the same as above.

8. How to get emails, phone numbers, address etc of prospects?

When you click on Get Data or Get All Data, all the data that the app can pull will start getting shown on the right-hand sidebar. Once the search gets over, you can download it by clicking on the download button on the lower right corner or click on explant on the top right corner to see the data in proper rows and columns.

9. How to search for Custom Sites?

On the Home page, in source drop down at the bottom, there is Custom Site option. You can enter any site and you can find relevant pages based on your query for it. Single custom site searches are useful if you want to search for prospects and leads from just one site.

10. I’ve more questions

Please call us at +1 (415) 830-6012 or mail us at “[email protected]”. You can also use our site crisp chat.