How often is your database updated?
Our databases are updated every week and verified as well. We have our team who run through the entire email list every week and verify it. So, the database that we provide to you is up-to- date and is of only verified contacts.
How long does it take to get my database after online order?
We process your request immediately. You will receive your sample database once we have your requirements. And, upon further instructions we will fulfil your entire order. The whole process is carried out in less than 24hours.
What file format is the database in?
Your email databases procured from AeroLeads will be in .csv format. It will be compatible with Microsoft Excel Open Office Calc or any .csv file reader. Can you give a free sample so I can test and validate? The database that is offered to you is thoroughly verified and consists of qualified contacts.
However, we do offer you a sample of the database. Please submit us your requirements at hello@aeroleads.com or pushkar@aeroleads.com and we will do the needful.
Where do you get the data from?
The database is mined from various qualified and high quality sources. We maintain our own vast database as well. We use our own software to fetch data from online sources such as LinkedIn and Google, to name a few.
How many uses do I get with the database?
Once you have our database, it is yours forever. You have all the rights with regards the number of times you can use the data. You may use it as many times as you want as we do not have any limitations on your usage.
How many email and contacts will I get?
Based on your requirements, we will provide you with the database. We cannot pinpoint the exact number as it varies from user to user based on the requirements.
Do you provide any software?
Yes, we in fact have our own software which is used to procure top quality leads as you can see in our databases. In addition, we offer you with our Google Chrome Plugin which further simplifies the process. We can also provide that service for you wherein, we fetch the required databases as per your guidelines.
How do I get the specific data that I’m looking for?
Our databases are provided as per your requirements. You can filter through our search to target the exact data you want. You can also contact us at hello@aeroleads.com or pushkar@aeroleads.com with your highly specific requirements and we will and we will get in touch with you and also process your order in just 24 hours.