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BPH (WA) is a proudly indigenous owned and operated business servicing Western Australia’s haulage and earthmoving sector. Founded in 1999 as a single truck operation, BPH (WA) has successfully diversified from its local grain carting origins and evolved into a successful haulage and earthmoving company.

The impetus for this development came in 2005 when Brad Phillips, founder of BPH (WA), was awarded a contract at the Wiluna Gold Mine. This work provided the necessary stepping stone to further access mining and earthmoving works, most importantly a six-month contract working on Barrow Island.

The eleven years that followed has seen the company rapidly expand, with successful contracts spurring investment to expand the fleet into what it is today.

Today, BPH (WA) owns and operates a sizeable fleet of prime movers, water carts and a whole host of plant and equipment – including loaders, graders, rollers and dozers.

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  • Privately Held
  • Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
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  • www.ahgservicenewman.com.au
  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/bph-wa-pty-ltd
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