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Tadnya Softech aims at covering the whole scope of Technology solutions for companies, irrespective of their size, location, and business.

We offer end to end Technology consulting with an array of Technical services across Industries to Start-ups, Mid-size companies, and Large Enterprises.

We are devoted to supporting our clients 100% in every step of strategy and execution throughout the entire solution lifecycle.

Our Infrastructure is geared to address all challenges, including Software development, App development, StartUp consultation, Technology Outsourcing amongst others.

We live by only two rules, customer success & customer happiness.

Our Top Soltions
- Software Development
- App Development
- StartUp Technology Consultation
- Technology Outsourcing Partner

Our Vision:
Digitize business processes.
Revolutionize Technological approach.
Make businesses smart.

Our Mission:
Build Innovative software products and mobility solutions with technology expertise.

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  • Privately Held
  • Information Technology & Services
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  • http://www.tadnyasoftech.com/
  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/tadnyasoftech
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Virendra Vidyarthee

Development Head