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Symtronics is a Research & Development company in the field of Defense & Aerospace.

With over 30years of experience, Symtronics is the leading manufacturer of Control Systems & On-board Instrumentation for Indian Navy. Symtronics is a rapidly growing organization expanding into verticals like UAVs, Solar Energy & Future-Tech.
Symtronics is well versed with on-board feasibility studies, indigenous designs, obtaining design approvals, proto development, qualification testing at defense labs, manufacture, installation, commissioning & after-sales support, which makes Symtronics a trusted source for defense services.

Symtronics aligns perfectly with MAKE-IN-INDIA initiative & works under Indigenously Designed, Developed & Manufactured (IDDM) category.

- Infrastructure
The state-of-the-art new production factory at MIDC Bhosari (Pune), built-up area of 13,000 sq ft. equipped with all necessary design tools, software packages, PCB design tools, test & calibration equipment, simulators, fabrication machinery etc.
Support offices at Mumbai, Vizag & Port Blair are manned by trained staff and equipped with the necessary tools, and test equipment for on-board work.

- Inherent Strength of Symtronics

• Electronic Circuit Design
Our R&D engineers are experts in designing & testing a variety of analog/digital control circuits using microcontrollers, PLCs & other components.

• Software Development
Software development team is capable of designing & developing software system on RTOS (Lynx OS and RT Linux), GUI using packages such as X Windows,QT.

• Mechanical Design & Fabrication
Symtronics has a fabrication shop to cater to equipment manufacturing to comply with defense quality standards.

• Compliance with defense standards, Environmental & EMI-EMC
Symtronics has expertise to design control systems to meet required environmental tests of JSS 55555 (shock & vibration, salt water & mold exposure) & EMI-EMC tests at Govt-certified test facilities.

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