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LCH is a diverse, bilingual Federally Qualified Health Center in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. We provide integrated, Person-Centered care through our health center, dental center, women's health, mental health, pediatrics, social assistance, legal clinic, and education services in our three locations in Kennett Square, West Grove, and Oxford.

Our Mission:
We change lives by serving southern Chester County as the leading provider of integrated health and community services.

Our Vision:
A vibrant, equitable, inclusive, prosperous, and healthy community for all.

Our Values:
(1.) Welcoming: We welcome and embrace all cultures and strive to understand and respect each other’s backgrounds. We are open and care deeply for one another and the community we serve.
(2.) Integrated: We work together as one cohesive unit to provide multiple services in an efficient and organized way to improve the quality of life of our members. We strive to create shared understanding to achieve consistently excellent outcomes for our members.
(3.) Dedicated: We are passionate and commit to go above and beyond for our members and each other. We find solutions, expect the best from ourselves and others, and lean on each other to ensure that we provide care and services that are of excellent clinical and professional quality.
(4.) Dynamic: LCH is a fast growing, vibrant and enthusiastic organization that responds to the ever changing needs of our community. We leverage technology and actively seek out new ideas, venues, and relationships to implement innovative approaches that improve the care and services we provide. We bring a sense of positive energy to LCH through our work!
(5.) Strong: We believe in the strength, resilience and spirit of the people we are privileged to serve. We continually invest in the strength of our organization’s people, services, and systems to be sure that we are ready for every opportunity. We move forward united and without fear.

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51-200 employees






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Some of La Comunidad Hispana (LCH) Employees


Odessa Sydnor


Stephen Castellano

Director of Business Operations and Interim President and CEO

Amy McKinley

Director of Population Health

Fred Ceppa

Medical Director

Cindy Schmeltz

Medical Director; Family Nurse Practitioner

Catherine Elliott

Womens Health Medical Director, CRNP

Margarita Zarco

Director of Human Resources, Education and Workforce Development

Margarita Mirkil

Executive Director

Peggy Harris

Clinical Director

Tamara Fox

Director of Development and Marketing