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Founded in 1996 as Northwest Power Systems, H2 PowerTech (formerly IdaTech) provides industry leading reformer, hydrogen production, and fuel cell technology along with product research and development services. This is based on a portfolio of technology developed over 14 years with over $200 million invested, and we have obtained over 200 patents to date. In 2014, H2 PowerTech became part of the CHEM Group. http://www.chem.com.tw/c_about_a.aspx

H2 PowerTech’s Fuel Cell products utilize advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology that can be fueled either by hydrogen directly or by generating hydrogen onsite and on demand from a methanol and water liquid fuel, using H2 PowerTech’s proprietary fuel reformer. These field proven systems are clean, reliable, low maintenance solutions that are deployed worldwide, providing critical backup power to grid-connected and remote sites.

The company offers fuel cell products that provide solutions for applications requiring up to15kW of backup power generation. In addition to the wide range of power outputs, the systems provide clean, dependable power generation with minimal noise, vibrations and emissions.

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