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CoinXP is a public blockchain which provides underlying technology and liquidity service for digital assets exchanges. CoinXP make it possible to secure asset custody, guarantee fair and transparent transactions and settlement on blockchain. CoinXP provides technical endorsements for exchanges across the whole ecosystem, enhancing investors’ trust in the exchange and confidence of trading; it also provides cross-exchange order book with aggregated market liquidity and trading depth, to reduce operation and maintenance costs for exchanges/brokers and transaction costs for individual investor, such that all parties in the ecosystem have sufficient revenue and motivation to maintain the sustainable development of the entire system. The characteristics of the CoinXP are as follows:

Decentralized asset custody — Multi-party asset management significantly increases security levels to prevent fraud from exchanges.
On-chain transaction data— Users’ account book, order price and transaction records cannot be tampered with, ensuring fairness and transparency of trades.
Shared market liquidity – CoinXP aims to become the trading chain with the aggregated market liquidity and trading depth, reducing operation and maintenance costs for exchanges and transaction costs for individual investor.
Cross-chain technology - All digital assets can be traded using the cross chain technology.
Optimized user experience with high TPS – Applying and optimizing the proven graphene technology dramatically increases efficiency of blockchain transactions.
Centralized financial services — It significantly lowers the threshold for investors to enter the market of crypto currency.
Maximized altruistic economy – Most transaction fees on the CoinXP public chain are rewarded to the ecosystem.

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Website: www.coinxp.io
Whitepaper Download: http://www.coinxp.io/public/CoinXP_Whitepaper_Public.pdf
Eat Pray Trade: https://v.qq.com/x/page/u0776ttvp8m.html
Twitter: @coinxpofficial https://twitter.com/CoinXPofficial
CEO Twitter:@cxpchain
CFO Twitter: @KingFiveWangWu
COO Twitter:@2die4k
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CoinXP
Medium: https://medium.com/@CoinXP
Subscribe to ANN: https://t.me/CoinXPChain
Telegram Official: t.me/cxp2dm
Testnet Demo by CTO Hua CHEN in EN:
CTO Interview (EN): https://cryptopotato.com/coinxp-interview-with-the-cto-hua-chen/?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0

CoinXP Overview

  • Wangjing Street, Jia Rui Apt, Beijing, Beijing 100010, CN
  • -
  • 2018
  • Computer Networking
  • Beijing, Beijing
  • http://www.coinxp.io
  • https://www.linkedin.com/company/coinxp
  • -

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