yzr's email is sebastien@yzr.ai .

YZR is a saas platform designed to enable business people to prepare their own data. 3 features : - Standardisation : rewrite textual data, the standard way - Labeling : applies featured labels based on a active learning process - Fuzzy matching : matches groups of words (for ex: product descriptions) YZR makes data standard, labeled and matched even without top down data governance. YZR performs automatic data preparation through an API, designed to be integrated in any data infrastructure.
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img Website yzr.solutions
img Industry Computer Software
Founded 2018
HQ 12 rue du Helder
Email sebastien@yzr.ai
img Funding 12,800,000 EUR
img Website
img Industry Computer Software
img Employees 10
img Founded 2018
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img HQ 12 rue du Helder
img Email sebastien@yzr.ai
img Funding 12800000

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