Studio Tika Innovation Ltd

studio tika innovation ltd's email is press@tikainnovation.com .

Tika Innovation makes the invention of gadgets accessible and simple for both inventors and manufacturers through co-creation. The company's goal is to seek creative minds and help propel their dreams into tangible consumer products. It focuses on generating ideas with creators to invent gadgets. Moreover, Tika Innovation collaborates with creators in making, scaling, testing, and commercializing the idea to consumers.
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img Website tikainnovation.com
img Industry Consumer Electronics
Founded 2015
HQ 33 Lockhart Road
Email press@tikainnovation.com
img Funding 100,000 USD
img Website
img Industry Consumer Electronics
img Employees 3
img Founded 2015
img LinkedIn
img HQ 33 Lockhart Road
img Email press@tikainnovation.com
img Funding 100000

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