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mpi research's email is and mpi research's phone number is (269) 668-4151 .

MPI Research provides preclinical services to agricultural, environmental, biopharmaceutical, medical device, animal health, and chemical industries. MPI Research has conducted thousands of studies in both small and large molecules in a wide and diverse range of compound classes, through all routes of administration (excluding inhalation) and offers studies with numerous species and models. Our recent achievements warrant a closer look to see how we’ve expanded to integrate the full spectrum of services for new drug and device candidates.
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img Industry Research
img Location Mattawan, Michigan, United States
Founded 1995
HQ 54943 North Main Street
Phone (269) 668-4151
img Website
img Industry Research
img Employees 690
img Founded 1995
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img HQ 54943 North Main Street
img Phone (269) 668-4151
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