lfv's email is lfv@lfv.se and lfv's phone number is 011-19 20 00 .

LFV is a state-owned enterprise that offers air traffic and air traffic services in several locations in Sweden and internationally. We are involved in developing European airspace through collaborations in organizations and alliances. LFV develops new services and operational concepts to meet increased demands on capacity, accessibility and sustainability. LFV has 1 100 employees and annual sales of SEK 3.1 billion.
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img Website lfv.se
img Industry Aviation & Aerospace
img Location Norrköping, östergötland, Sweden
Founded 1947
HQ 601 79
Phone 011-19 20 00
Email lfv@lfv.se
img Website
img Industry Aviation & Aerospace
img Employees 779
img Founded 1947
img LinkedIn
img HQ 601 79
img Phone 011-19 20 00
img Email lfv@lfv.se

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