kabam's email is press@kabam.com and kabam's phone number is 572525527 .

Kabam, an entertainment company, develops free-to-play games for mobile devices and Web platforms. It offers traditional, social, strategy, action, arcade, sports, and role-playing games. Holly Liu, Kevin Chou, Mike Li, and Wayne Chan founded Watercooler on October 28, 2006 that became Kabam in August 2010, with its headquarters in San Francisco in California. It has additional offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles in California, Vancouver in Canada, Austin in Texas, Beijing in China, London in United Kingdom, and Berlin in Germany.
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img Website kabam.com
img Industry Entertainment
img Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Founded 2006
HQ 795 Folsom Street Suite 600
Phone 57-252-5527
Email press@kabam.com
img Funding 244,500,000 USD
img Website
img Industry Entertainment
img Employees 920
img Founded 2006
img LinkedIn
img HQ 795 Folsom Street Suite 600
img Phone 57-252-5527
img Email press@kabam.com
img Funding 244500000

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